Friday, November 19, 2010

Health Challenges and Intuition

I guess we all have health issues to one degree or another. Personally, I have taken myself off wheat and other gluten products (such as rye and barley) since about 2005. My health practitioner suggested a gluten-free diet to combat the eczema outbreaks that I had been having since the 1980s. My family doctor did not seem interested in finding the cause of the outbreaks, but only wanted to prescribe eczema creams. The creams would work for awhile, then my body would get used to them and “adapt.” Then, I began having flu-like symptoms and bronchitis every winter, and was down for about two weeks each time in recovery. This was hard to take.
My body was really trying to tell me something. It finally dawned on me that if I wanted to be healthy, I personally had to take charge of my health! I decided to give in and really make myself stay on the gluten-free diet — to not eat bread. It was hard, because I sooooo enjoyed eating bread, but I just finally made up my mind to stop.
That was 2005. In a very short time, my health had measurably improved. The eczema cleared up and I have not had a “flu” since that time.
I have not eaten wheat for about five years.
But, lately I had a dream that I was eating bread. So my wellness practitioner suggested I try a little experiment. Eat a little — not even a whole slice, just half — and see how it goes. I figured the dreams might be trying to tell me something, so I listened to the advice. And I did not break out — and I did not get sick. The Reiki practitioner says the body will heal itself if we learn to listen to it. As a result of this little experiment, I am learning to trust my dreams and also learning to be more “intuitive.”
Being raised in a cult did not help me learn to be intuitive. Using one’s own intuition was greatly forbidden — even considered “demonic” — to trust what one gets in a dream. Yet, the scriptures talk about dreams, do they not?
Somehow, though, certain religions have “demonized” that natural process of intuition. Of course, every member was supposed to just consult with the elders for every detail of life, giving up all one’s own decision-making. Speaking for myself, I had been conditioned to not ask myself for answers, but always ask the so-called “expert” elder or some other “trained professional” or in the case of a wife, to ask her husband. Really, by doing that, I was dis-empowering myself. The more I learned about intuition, the more I realized that I would be — could be — much healthier if I could just trust myself and listen to what my body was trying to tell me! Especially now, since I know that the elders, doctors — and even some husbands — are not trustworthy. I know this because of what my life experiences have taught me.
“What? You can’t trust your elders? Doctors? Husband?” someone may ask incredulously. The examples mentioned speak for themselves. Is it not true that doctors are trained to use drugs as remedies? Yet, in reality, drugs just “mask” the symptoms, rather than “cure” an ailment. I have found that natural solutions work with my body. Natural solutions gave me a feeling of wellness. I realized that better health was within my grasp! I was onto something — so I kept going.
But, what happens when someone you know has health struggles? It is heartbreaking to hear unwelcome news like that. For example, I was once diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder by a “drug expert” that my previous husband found for me. (Another example of dis-empowerment — being trained to always “obey” your husband.) The drugs to combat the Bi-Polar Disorder were dangerously strong and gave me the “shakes” and a general feeling of “numbness” and dis-ease throughout my body. I was more like a zombie than a human being. But, as long as I was “manageable” by my husband, I suppose….
I accepted that treatment only for so long before I got a second opinion. The second doctor realized I was in a dangerous situation; 1) by being a member of a dysfunctional religious cult; and, 2) by living a drug-induced life in a dysfunctional marriage.
My family doctor found me a good therapist who supported what the second doctor suggested. She, too indicated I was depressed, without the manic states. Her diagnosis? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, due to the familial abuse, and the “bad religion” that supported my parents’ fear-based belief system. The therapist worked with me from 1997 to 2003, helping me to examine and put into perspective my fears and traumas. Glad to say, the drug doctor, the religion, and the husband are now all ancient history.
I’m no expert, but I figure that since drugs are chemicals, the body builds up a resistance to them. The patient starts out by using a little, and it works for awhile — covering up the “symptom.” For example, the eczema seemed to heal for a short time by using creams, but then it came back on another part of my body. Is this a “real” cure? No, not at all. Pretty soon, I realized I was heading nowhere fast by using the creams prescribed by the doctor. There had to be better way. It was not until years later that I learned about gluten intolerance.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t globally believe that all husbands are bad and should not be listened to. But, do trust what you get intuitively. Your body will tell you who is trustworthy, and you will just “know.” I only wish for everyone to feel good. But I’m not at all sure that a drug doctor has the answer by suggesting drugs. How I wish women (especially) would not give their power away to some “expert.” I know that instead, the answers lie within our own “knowing” and I wish everyone would give themselves a chance to be well by listening to their own body and trusting what they get.
Realistically, though, the world allows for all kinds of thinking, not just my rather idealistic way of being.
I could write a whole lot more about how dangerous religious cults impact one’s health, but that will have to be another blog!
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