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Saturday, January 15, 2011

BP Sponsors Arizona Funeral Coverage

With respect to British Petroleum's oil spill and feigned cleanup attempts, I read with great interest (several months ago now) the article posted at:
I saved it as a word document just in case it ever disappeared from the internet.

Yesterday I was horrified when, trying to watch the funeral coverage of the nine-year-old shooting victim in Arizona, that British Petroleum posted ads claiming responsibility for a successful cleanup of the oil spill that they caused on the Gulf of Mexico. They situated themselves as some kind of "messiah" or "hero" and thanks to them, the waters are safe, tourism is great, and fishing is wonderful.

At first I felt nauseous, then I started shaking, then I felt chilled. I went to bed and covered myself up with a wool comforter, then a down comforter, and I shivered and cried for several hours. My husband shared his body heat with me and listened to me cry and vent, until the rage dissipated. Here is the link with the ads and news coverage:

This morning I gathered myself up to take action. I didn't try to watch the CTV coverage again. I didn't want to risk another reaction and lose a day of blogging.

What especially aggravated me was that BP used a tragic event to situate themselves as a "messiah" while people are deep in grief and unable, as they might otherwise be, to respond to BP's "benevolent" public appearance.

I knew as soon as I saw the happy dolphins where the credit belonged: with the ordinary folk who care for and respect the earth. We are all one with the animals and, in fact, all of nature. All I remember BP for is the dead oil-soaked wildlife being washed up on shore. The Happy Dolphins say a lot about who the real unsung heroes are: the ones that don't go publicizing their efforts and blowing their trumpet ahead of themselves; but rather, because of love for Mother Gaia and all of humanity, find themselves quietly, and without fanfare, being used by her to save our planet.

Friends in Florida have assured me that while there is some improvement, things are still not back to normal by a long shot. Many health problems are now challenging the local folk...and BP says everything is okay. It seems to me that BP is attempting to propagandize the world, rather than taking responsibility for raping the natural resources at the expense of the Gulf inhabitants' well-being. I figure the best thing BP could do is pay their lawsuit to the US government. The money would help to restore those badly contaminated areas for which BP is directly responsible.

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