Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shameful Secrets in Religion

Child sexual predators need to be stopped. Full stop.
Add religion to the mix and child sexual predation becomes a legal nightmare. In my opinion, Warren Jeffs is a child sexual predator. But, because his activities are protected under the umbrella of "religious freedom" he is getting away with his patriarchal abuses…at least thus far.
Childhood is a sacred time. Children deserve to laugh and play and have fun without responsibilities of adults in order to have a well-established foundation for when they DO become adults. Children denied a childhood grow up to be unbalanced adults. Sexual abuse is detrimental to the healthy development of children.
The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) has much funding. The reason? The flock of "sheeple" herded by their god-prophet gives much of their money to a fund to ensure their individual and composite survival. Among other things, these funds are used to bribe officials, according to Daphne Bramham's book, The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in a Polygamous Mormon Sect. "The 1942 document that Salt Lake City accountant and priesthood councilor Rulon Jeffs drew up establishing the United Effort Plan trust is a bizarre blend of faith and legalese…What this means is that the Saints turn over their money, labour and property to the church in the hope that they'll derive some benefit from the trust—and from its administrators, who also dole out wives."(p. 123).
There is much corruption in the FLDS. In some communities, FLDS members hold political positions. In others, the Sheriff is FLDS. FLDS lobbyists pay officials for "favors" — like turning a blind eye to the suffering of women and children. Some police officers would not help the women who DO TRY to escape. The police return the escapees, instead, to the commune where they receive punishment. It is no wonder that Warren Jeffs is a free man while he owns 59 wives who are NOT free. His wives are slaves. Women and girls are ALWAYS "lowly servants" in religious cults.
The families who sold their underage daughters into servitude did so for a reason, most likely to buy religious favors from their god-prophet. The daughters literally have been "pimped" to gain these favors. There are several laws in Canada against "pimping" young girls, are there not?
In the eyes of the law, Warren Jeffs is a child sexual predator. Just because he "marries" these little girls does not make his conduct acceptable or legal. The girls are underage and I imagine they must be scared to death. Where are the mothers and the other 57 wives in this situation? Certainly absent for their daughters. There is no help — religiously, morally, emotionally, psychologically, or other — in a religious cult. Women are powerless where patriarchs rule. There is no help for these little girls when the entire community has sold them to Warren Jeffs as sexual toys.
Women and children in servitude need to be freed from such abuses. Unfortunately, because they are so conditioned and brainwashed, most of these women and children cannot even recognize that they need freeing. That's how dangerous religious cults are to the freedom and sanity of religious life for women and children. There is no free will and there is no sanity. The result is sexual slavery for church members. Raping of underage girls takes place in the name of God. How can a 21st Century society such as Canada condone activities which enable heinous crimes against women and girls? How can these offenses be labelled "religious freedom"? Shame on Canada.
The law against polygamy stands in spite of the corruption of officials who do not enforce said law. Still, the law against polygamy is the only law that could help the women and girls in Bountiful — if they chose to ask for help — and if corrupt officials did not interfere. These women and children are just as entitled to receive justice as any other Canadian, are they not?
What can anyone do about sheriffs, judges and political officials who are biased because of their FLDS affiliation? Lobbying dollars, political party "donations" and outright bribes can tighten up a lot of lips. Corruption must be rooted out before justice will become the right of all Bountiful's inhabitants. So, first off, we need officials who are honest and who will not accept a pay-off when offered one. Next, officials need to report attempted offerings so that charges could be laid against the FLDS for the attempted bribe-offerings. Those charges would be levied on top of the child sex crimes for which child sexual predators — even religious ones — rightfully are charged.
Update: I have now finished reading "The Secret Lives of Saints" by Daphne Bramham. Warren Jeffs is in jail, serving two consecutive terms of five years to life in prison (less 15 months he already served) on charges from a forced marriage in 2001. In addition to the jail term that could be as little as nine years or as much as two lifetimes, Jeffs was assessed fines amounting to $37,000 (p. 433).
The above issues have not been addressed yet.
The gears of justice turn s-l-o-w-l-y.

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  1. Religions that sanction exploitation or abuse of children have to be booted out of Canada. Freedom of religion is never an unlimited freedom. - FredS.

  2. Hi FredS, Thanks for posting. I agree there is no place in modern society for abuses described in recent media articles under the guise of religion. People who have not experienced cult life don't "get it." They can never imagine how intollerable cult life can get...When freedom of religion is only for the men. ~~ satinka