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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crime & Punishment

A man gets arrested for stealing an apple. Instead of dealing with the thief directly, the judge's son gets murdered to pay for the theft of the apple that someone else ate. Does the punishment fit the crime?

Sounds bizarre.

When the Easter season rolls around, I think about the cruici-"fiction" story and shake my head. The light went on for me some time ago.

At this point on the calendar, patriarchal Christian religions are sure to point to a scripture in the Bible to justify the insane reaction by their punishing god. "Through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because they had all sinned." — Romans 5:12 New World Translation.

Oh sure, I have heard that explanation pounded into my brain since I was born, but the logic eludes me still.

So big deal. Adam ate an apple. Why the need for capital punishment? Couldn't god instead just say, "Adam, I understand you are a newbie on the earthly scene, so I'm going to forgive you and thus teach you a great lesson in love." But, no! God insists on blood. Nothing short of a human sacrifice would appease this blood-thirsty god.

Stop and think about it. Doesn't that "original sin" story lay a heavy load of guilt on humans for all eternity, when all that was needed was one loving act of forgiveness? Seriously, what rational, reasonable person would see Jesus' death sentence as a balance of justice — simply because Adam ate an apple?

It gets worse.

That Satanic being some humans call "God" didn't just think he wanted blood; according to the Bible he enacted his sick plan. That's what the whole deal is around the Easter story. Here on in, all sons must cringe and obey the honor stuff spewed by their fathers lest some imagined shame fall upon the family name. God set the example. Where honor is at stake, a blood sacrifice must be the payment price.

Sounds like dark Secret Society stuff.

Most Christian religions teach the "original sin" story. I'm sorry, I'm not buying what patriarchal religions are selling. It's time to forgive Adam and all his offspring. After all, he is just flesh-and-blood and human ego. Time to drop the self-righteous honor stuff. Drop the punishing belief system. Lighten up, show some forgiveness and love — starting from the top down — okay boys?

Oh, and somehow, a woman got blamed for the entire scenario…? Only under patriarchal rule ✶ sigh ✶.

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  1. Salvation theology in Christianity, just as you are explaining, requires tortuous logic. We have Augustine of Hippo to thank for that, as well as Original Sin and pro-life/anti-abortion thinking.

  2. Gosh Anon,
    I tried to read the link, but my eyes went crossed. Strange phenomenon...