Monday, July 11, 2011

Sharia Law in Canada

While one might think now that Muslims/Islamists live in Canada, they would be happy to learn to live in a more “moderate” way. Well, you’d be wrong. Not everyone wants freedom. Many people do not know what to do with such freedom. And some people cannot even define freedom such as we have in Canada.
I was surprised while listening to an audio clip where a professor of Arab Studies Dana Olwan at Queen’s University, spoke out against the passing of the law banning niqabs in Quebec. As a feminist and an Islamic Muslim, she was outraged that niqabs were banned. When she gets “passionate” her Arabian accent comes forth. Otherwise, she speaks excellent English. “The bill intends to manipulate all women, she says, not just Muslim women.” Bill 94 reserves for the state a place in women’s closets. It tells women how to practice or choose their own beliefs. It regulates how women present themselves and how they dress, according to Dana.
While I believe people can surely choose their own beliefs, I can barely fathom why she feels there is no freedom here, in view of the oppression women live under in Arab lands. But because she is a professor in a University, she is believed and has quite a following.
Patriarchs have dictated to the Arab women how to dress for so long, it has been internalized and now the women “persecute themselves,” some might say. They choose to wear tents, hijabs, niqabs and mutilate their pre-pubescent girls bodies following the Sharia Law of circumcision, as well as learning the Qur’an by rote. Many of these people are Muslim/Islamists first. Many do not consider themselves as “one of us” namely “the West” or even Canadian. Many of their hearts are still in Islam.
It is true that while I am concerned about rights of women, I happen to agree with the face-coverings being a security risk. We all assume that the people under those tents are women. But, after the 9/11 attacks, it isn’t a stretch to think they could be men wearing bombs. Heck, the women could be bombers, too. It’s happened already in Britain. Quite frankly, it’s just too eerie not seeing faces.
Some feminists believe the veils are a tool of oppression. But there is another possibility. Perhaps the veils are worn to intimidate us non-Muslims/Islamists. After all, Muslims/Islamists believe they are superior to every other race. The “brown” Muslims/Islamists even believe they are superior to their African “Black” counterparts, according to Aayan Hirsi Ali in her book, Nomad. I suppose if you believe you are better than someone, you are entitled to more liberties, too. But, what liberties are they missing that we, by default for being white, have? Perhaps she is referring to the freedom to practice Sharia Law in Canada. The Muslims/Islamists pushed for it in Ontario—and Sharia almost became law. Think of the repercussions of such a law:
  • Freedom to beat your wife if she doesn’t agree with you on some issue.
  • Freedom to stone your wife if she commits adultery (maybe stop beating her and she will find some reason to respect you).
  • Freedom to cut off a hand or foot of someone who stole something from you.
  • Freedom to reduce a woman's power by half. A man’s word is worth twice as much as a woman’s word.
  • Freedom to make up more tyrannical rules as they go along.
  • Freedom to cut off a pre-pubescent girl’s genitals (clitoris, outer and inner labia), stitch up the entire vagina leaving a small hole from which to pee.
I say, when men cut off their balls, western women still would not want to lose their vaginas, so forget Sharia.
Just in case you are thinking Female Genital Mutilation does not occur in Canada…think again. FGM does occur in Canada.There are doctors who will perform the surgery in Canada, despite it being against Canadian law. No one has to fly to the Arab world to have it done. These immigrants are Muslims/Islamists first. Many bring to the new land barbaric traditions and practices, where they hope one day they will be in power. They believe becoming the ruling power is Allah’s will. He will bless them and their polygamous families as they proliferate many times faster than westerners, and Allah will give them our land.
It has now become abundantly clear to me that it is the Westerners who are the barbarians, the Infidels, the Apostates.
Yeah, right.
But then, every religion thinks they alone will dominate the world. They all think it is their God’s will. The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe they are the only ones who will survive Armageddon and live forever in Paradise under Jehovah’s theocratic rule. There are the Dominionist Christians who think the same thing by enforcing upon us the ancient Hebrew Scriptures known as The Old Testament.
It would be nice if the religious fanatics would lose the ego-speak.
Most women welcome the law to ban niqabs. It is a law for freedom, not oppression. Granted, it’s hard to get into the head of a Muslim/Islamist after being raised Jehovah’s Witness in Canada. Each belief system has a “warp” to it. Nevertheless, I do see the parallels and the twisted reasoning that both religions use to manipulate the governments in crying for never-ending liberties to practice their sick religions and practices.
I feel sure that people are waking up to some awareness and some inner sense of moral conscience that will act as a compass to bring humans into balance. After all, we are all humans and therefore we are all equal.

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