Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 Call for Justice

The atrocity so insidious that no answers will satisfy. The disaster so evil that any plausible answers result in even more questions.
Here we are ten years later — since 911 — and the mystery has still not been solved. There was not even an investigation. That feels suspiciously like a cover-up by the powers that be.
I knew the moment I saw the buildings fall straight downward into themselves that a double-demolition had been staged. Buildings do not simply implode, two at a time.
Another problem for me: The then-President Bush spoke of seeing the attack on television BEFORE any video was released showing the first plane hitting the first tower, according to this video.
According to WikiLeaks audioclips here and here mounting evidence seems to indicate 911 was indeed an inside job.
The then-government was in on the entire plan. 911 was a staged drama — an excuse to invade Iraq and start a war.
Past President Bush gives Osama Bin Ladin undue credit. According to Yahoo Answers, Osama Bin Ladin did not mastermind the attack. Does that mean Bin Ladin is safely hidden away, courtesy of the US taxpayers, while one of his look-alikes lies in a tomb?
My conclusion is 911 had to APPEAR like a terrorist act, instead of arson. How else could the owners collect insurance? And how else could the government start a war when most of the nation desires peace?
Since the trade center buildings were a planned demolition another question emerges: How could those responsible allow employees and firemen into the buildings knowing the buildings were being demolished?
If what I figure is true, those responsible are criminals, murderers and arsonists. Massive greed has brought blood guilt upon those responsible, yet no one has been charged. Those involved figure they are "above the law."
This blog is a 911 call for justice for the 3,000 people who lost their lives that day, but also for the citizens of the United States who deserve answers.

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  1. Someday the whole story will come out. Our current leaders don't want to open the can of worms for fear of implicating powerful people, exposing unethical and illegal actions, and "upsetting the applecart". - F.S.