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Sunday, November 20, 2011

No wonder BCA won!

Team Burnaby (aka: Team) lost the election. Perhaps they shot themselves in the foot. Did they not realize how their flyer sounded to the residents who bothered to read it — and then vote? The wording sounded like Team "automatically" opposed the Burnaby Citizens Association (BCA) by rejecting Policy 5.45, the policy against bullying. Why? Just because the BCA birthed it? Team's knee-jerk reaction could be the very reason not even one of their candidates got elected. Yes, I know it sounds strange to vote against a policy that protects students from being bullied, but this really did happen in Burnaby — in 2011! The policy was deemed necessary because some religious parents in the community were openly "demonizing" LGBTQ folk. These bullying parents perceived themselves to be citizens with the "highest morals and principles" and looked down on anyone who do not believe as they did.

While doing my "due diligence" in an attempt to learn about all the candidates, it seemed to me that some candidates were using a vague language in trying to be "politically correct" and not offend anyone's beliefs. For example, I almost didn't vote for one BCA member, because she was quoted using a vague language in one article I read. But then I read another article that stated she was one trustee who DID vote in favor of the policy. Action spoke louder than words, so that helped me decide to vote for her.

I listened to all the audios posted online of the candidates who bothered to speak. Again, I noticed much complaining of where the BCA Mayor and incumbent councilors and trustees failed, according to Team's perception. Taxes too high, Policy 5.45, etc. were some reasons given. Burnaby would not have received the award for "Best Run City in Canada" by Macleans Magazine if they were failing their citizens, as Team asserts.

For anyone who cared enough to meet their candidates, the debates are another way to get a sense of who is running, then make an informed choice. I found the BCA candidates and Greens approachable, down-to-earth and helpful. I felt at ease speaking with many of them at Stride Avenue. But, when I approached the Team table, there was no one to talk to. The one person there was in a deep discussion with someone, and after several minutes of waiting I could not even make eye contact. And Parents' Voice? Did they even have a table? True, I did notice another table in the far corner, but the people there appeared to be engrossed in a game of some kind. No one there seemed interested in being approached by — anyone!

There were four Independents, supposedly. Until I visited the Parent's Voice website and discovered that two of them (at least) were listed as people to vote for, since they were favorable to eliminate the new Policy 5.45. Apparently, they were okay with bullying LGBTQ students. A screen shot is saved here. Wolves in sheeps' clothing? Further to that, here is a quote that seemed to indicate that all the Independents were covertly aligned with the bullying group: a letter to the Burnaby NewsLeader from none other than the Burnaby Parents' Voice president, Heather Leung.

Yes, the election is over and the BCA won — again. Considering the dynamics at play this time around, I think I know why. It's time to hear the happy voices of CHILDREN again!

Congratulations to the BCA, as their policy on protecting children earned them the well-deserved win!

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