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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saving Democracy

Occupy Vancouver has been shut down by the 1%. The Tent City is gone.
Except I wouldn't be too sure it is the end of the 99% — those who are awakening to the injustices of society. As the rich become richer and the poor are going into greater debt each month, the level of awareness grows.
Why the greed of the 1%? Why do they appear to covet all the assets? Could it be because they want even more? To want more — doesn't that indicate a poverty mentality? Doesn't that "longing" mean the 1% feels they still don't have enough?
Poverty consciousness?
Telling, isn't it?

Model for Prosperity

The poor will always be among us. It is up to us to share with others less fortunate, rather than hoard and take even more away from the little means that the 99% have remaining. In some cultures, farmers left the corners of their fields of grain for poor people to glean. Some farmers left more than usual for the poor. Others, less so. It was a kind of welfare system where the poor could work to provide for themselves and their families. The poor retained their self-esteem and self-empowerment by working. The farm owner expressed love and care, rather than greed. They expressed generosity rather than a sense of lack or not having enough to share. No one went without, because those with more found it in their hearts to share more. Those of moderate means perhaps had less to share, so gave less. Compassion and love reigned, rather than greed.

Canada's Banking System

How many credit card offers did you get in the mail this week? How many banking ads did you see on television? Does that mean the bankers want the 99% to go even deeper into debt? Some people are so mired in debt that they can afford only the minimum payment each month. Meanwhile, interest and living charges compound, with no way to get control of their living costs. New finance companies are springing up, offering to "consolidate all your debts" — for a fee of course. Legal loan-sharking.
So does everyone want to "have it all" and be among the 1%?
Mr. Flaherty, Canada's Finance Minister, insists that Canada has the most sound banking system in the world. NO, IT DOES NOT, Mr. Flaherty. In fact, no sooner Prime Minister Harper took office, he empowered banks to take away 40% of the pensions of his citizens, shrank endowments for education and women's groups — and more. That move instantly translated into less financial security for the 99% who erroneously thought they had enough to live on.
Canada's system has become one of greed, rather than love since Prime Minister Harper took office. The 99% are becoming poorer by the day since he implemented his Greed Strategy.
Sadly, Prime Minister Harper is quickly bringing down the country he swore to protect. And now he wants the 99% to buy fighter jets for the Prime Minister to destroy our country even further. But as long as he gets to line his own pockets on his war-creation, the 99% living in poverty do not matter. Where is his heart? Where is his conscience? Are they buried so deep in his own pocket that they will not reappear in this lifetime? Is this what his heart and soul came to "accomplish" in his lifetime?

The Cost of Living

According to a CBC News Story, inflation has not increased, but rather it has gone down to a mere 1.2%. Anybody buying groceries knows that statement is pure government propaganda. Each month, our grocery bill increases. Not only groceries, but clothing, rent, gas, tuition fees, and any other purchases imaginable have not decreased in price, but increased substantially. I bought dried Quinoa yesterday. It costed over $10 per kilogram at the grocery store. Anybody on a gluten-free diet pays $6 or more for one loaf of bread and it's not like we have a choice. We can't eat cheap wheat bread — it's toxic to a celiac. And I have to eat, so I can't just "get my spending under control" as some people might believe.
I heard an inspiring talk by Mirianne Williamson where she quoted a US Supreme Court Judge, "You can either have all the money in the hands of a very few, or you can have Democracy. You can't have both." It's true. The 99% promises Occupation will not quietly go away. The movement will regroup and rise again because our Democracy is on the line. I trust the 1% will understand this: We cannot stop talking, or else we have no more Democracy.

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