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Friday, December 28, 2012

Saving Souls

A woman tried to save my soul yesterday. Perhaps its because of the Christmas season. Nevertheless, she began by asking if I believe in Jesus.
"If I believe anything about Jesus, it would not be the biblical version. Instead, it would be the Gnostic story in which Jesus and Mary Magdalene escaped their would-be murderers to become healers in a far-away land," was my reply.
"But, don't you believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit?" she persisted.
Was I being proselytized?
I have blogged about the limits of my belief in Jesus in a previous post, where I claim my inability to embrace any theology about a father willfully slaughtering his son. Blood sacrifice is nothing short of murder, to my way of thinking.
Black magic utilizes blood sacrifices to appease their gods. Perhaps that is the most accurate definition I can think of to define modern Christianity. Belief in human sacrifice is a primitive belief that no thinking person could possibly embrace, as such a belief lacks civility. It is the farthest thing from love or salvation imaginable. Perhaps those fearful Biblical beliefs were among the reasons people throughout history used to justify murdering one another, right into our modern day. Primitive Christianity described in the Bible may be a reason for mass killings and extreme beliefs about the need for gun ownership. I can think of several recent killings in which the killer claimed belief in Christianity.
Sometimes it is difficult for me to differentiate between insanity and Christianity. Furthermore, entire nations go to war in the name of God, justifying the slaughter of other nations with non-Christian beliefs. The belief seems to claim that foreign religions are "wrong" because only Christianity is "right." Not just any "Christianity" but their version of Christianity — exclusively!
Any genuine "Christ consciousness" would be representative of a loving and compassionate personality, someone non-judgmental, devoid of any attitude of superiority of their peculiar brand of belief over others. Strangely enough, all religions claim to be loving and forgiving, yet much is conditional, based on the level of one's adherence to its specific theology.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Foreign Interests Have Taken Over Our Province

In order to see my doctor, I used to be able to hop the SkyTrain and be there in a half an hour. But that has changed now. My doctor has moved her office out of Burnaby and into Coquitlam. Now it takes a Skytrain ride, a 20-minute bus transfer, plus a 15-minute walk to consult with my family doctor.
Sure, I could find a new doctor. On second thought, no I can't. There is a shortage of doctors here, especially good women doctors.
I have since learned that her previous landlord tripled the rent once her lease was up, forcing her to relocate. Yes, her rent got tripled! It's called "Free Enterprise" in B.C., but I call it gouging. Some provinces have rent controls to prevent such shoddy business practices, but anything goes in B.C. Besides the jump in rent, the landlord demanded a 15-year lease commitment. As if anyone can reasonably and accurately plan 15 years in advance.
Maybe the landlord is forcing out all tenants so as to tear down and build a highrise in place of the existing strip mall. Or, maybe it is about sheer greed. I have never met the landlord. No matter, a government that enables such abusive treatment of renters is failing its constituents.
Rich foreign interests are taking over our fair province, it seems. It also feels like no one is in charge here anymore. Our Premier has signed away all her authority to the federal government, apparently. We live under an oppressive regime currently. Citizens like you and me are feeling oppressed.
I feel sure that these conditions cannot last long before citizens rise up to reclaim their power and their rights.
Simply put, we want our democracy back. Someone needs to be in charge, besides leaders who can be bought with corporate lobby dollars. Our governments need a gentle reminder: It's called, "We the people!" not "We the corporations!" We the people have souls, not the soul-less corporations.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birds in My Yard

My yard is a very restful place where it is easy to relax, and where I am surrounded by my favorite feathered friends. Sometimes I even have a Woodpecker visit me. At times it feels like these critters are aware of my presence — and they are watchful — but they still linger. Chickadees, Robins and Hummingbirds are frequent visitors. For the second year, Chickadees are building a nest in our cherry tree. Maybe the birds just inherently know that I am a friend and our yard is a safe place — and I am very grateful for their company!
Yes, there is much to say about birds. Once, I was laying on the lawn enjoying the warm summer sun and a Flicker landed in a tree about ten feet from me and took a nap. It must have felt hot, because it had its wings spread out wide. It rested its tail against the tree, like woodpeckers do. It was obviously aware of my presence, as it watched me for a long time. Needless to say, I observed it for a long time, too! Sorry I did not have the camera for that occasion.
One thing I don't like is that the crows in our neighborhood like to wash their food in the birdbath and they can leave quite a mess. Sadly, there are people in the neighborhood who feed them bread. If only these folks knew how detrimental bread is to them, they would quit. I have mentioned to one neighbor about an article I read in the local paper stating how bread actually produces malnutrition in birds, since white wheat bread has no nutritional value. But she still feeds them. What I said did not seem to register.
No matter, I am pleased with the restful state of my yard, and knowing that the local birds find it restful too is brings me even more contentment!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Following My Conscience

Every once in awhile I see political or religious leaders speaking of women's rights. These are mostly (but not always) men who know nothing of what it means to be a woman. They claim authority based on their adherence to a religion or some public policy. They profess to be following their conscience.
What conscience? I know from being an ex-member of the fundamentalist Jehovah's Witness religion on the far right of the spectrum that there are various definitions of conscience. According to Wikipedia, conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment of the intellect that distinguishes right from wrong.
Some religious people claim they have a "Bible-trained" conscience. In fact, I was one of those people who used to believe my conscience was Bible-trained. I also used to believe that going door-to-door marketing the religion was a way of being "spiritual." Now, I know that I was just following religious rules. It's easy for me to differentiate now, but not while I was steeped in the indoctrination of belief.
To me, the exercise of conscience, by its definition, means that a decision to act a certain way is made by me, internally. Now, I know that conscience is truly an "inner-knowing" that guides me rather than the rules of a religious order.
The Apostle Paul writes:
For whenever people of the nations that do not have law do by nature the things of the law, these people, although not having law, are a law to themselves. They are the very ones who demonstrate the matter of the law to be written in their hearts, while their conscience is bearing witness with them, and between their own thoughts, they are being accused or even excused.—Romans 2:14-15 (NWT)
The Apostle Paul himself admitted that people who do not know the Bible nevertheless had a law naturally written within their hearts. In other words, they had "common sense" to treat one another with respect naturally, without having ever read a scripture.
To me, that means that we do not need a religion to dictate to us what was right and wrong. These "biblically untrained" people noted above knew this intuitively. And sometimes they knew more about respect instinctively than religious people, who were swayed adversely by extreme religious views.
I believe everyone has the right to choose their own beliefs, without being judged for it. People have the right to change their beliefs, too, without being condemned for doing so. The Jehovah's Witnesses shun their members who leave, in an attempt to force these "erring ones" back into the fold. I trust religions who take this action as a form of punishment will step into the 21st century and realize it is time to stop trying to control their flock. It is time to acknowledge the inherent faculty of intuition.
It is time to honor this gift of intuition in each person, aside from religious doctrine.
I welcome your comments.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hand-Holding Banned

"No holding hands in the school yard!" commands the newest law in Tennessee. What better way to start a child off in life than teaching children to…withhold natural affection from their friends???    The reasoning behind it is that holding hands can lead to…sex???

"Last week, the Senate passed SB 3310, a bill to update the state's abstinence-based sex education curriculum to define holding hands and kissing as "gateway sexual activities."

Is it really true that hand-holding leads to sex? Well, maybe eventually anything can lead to sex. Dancing, talking, reading, watching TV, gardening and any number of normal human activities might lead to sex. Perhaps they had better ban these natural activities as well. 

Quick! Before sex breaks out!

Just kidding...

Seems to me, a law like this was implemented from a place of fear, rather than what might be loving and healthy for a child. So, tell me again, how does the scripture at 1 John 4:18 apply, which simply states, "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love."—New International Version

I believe a law like this can never be truly enforced. Children and their healthy parents will always find ways for their friends to get together and bond. If they can't hold hands in a physical way, they certainly will, "energetically." For example, the law cannot regulate a person's nightly dreams for affection. Children all over Tennessee will magically find ways to spend quality time with their friends. In fact, with the law in place, there may be more hand-holding than ever before!

I hold the vision that such a backwards-thinking law will soon be forgotten. If not erased from the books completely, certainly it will be non-existent in the consciousness of the children of healthy, normal parents. The exercise of a healthy conscience will win out over excessive rule-making every time. Normal affection which includes hand-holding and hugging will be demonstrated every day in the schoolyards of the entire world!

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Full Moon

I had a dream a few weeks ago in which I was leaving a job accompanied by several massive pieces of baggage precariously piled up to the ceiling. It was difficult to maneuver with the sheer height of it all, as it wobbled to and fro. I paused to steady the load and watched another employee walk out with one lone piece of luggage in a clear plastic suitcase and—empty…? How did I accumulate so much baggage? And why do I need this?
I woke up with a start and pondered the issue. How do I get rid of this excess baggage which is not serving me at all and which is only weighing me down? I struggled for several days with my weighty dilemma. It was then I decided to perform a Full Moon Ceremony and do some serious releasing.
"But, what shall I release?" I questioned. I thought back to all wonderful growth work, gaining strength and coming closer into balance with each new insight and step that I took.
I have been sending distance healing to uncomfortable situations and insights for some time now, having learned how over the years. I kept an ever-growing list in what I called a "distance healing bowl." In the morning as I was getting ready for work, I lit a candle, and accompanied by a little energetic message, sent the energy "out there" for the Universe to do its work. The way I saw it: the process was a type of surrender. In this way I would allow the Universe to look after those things in which I had little or no control.
"I've got it!" I declared. "I will burn that list I have been holding in my 'distance healing bowl.' It is time to release all that old baggage."
So that is what I did. I set up my patio with a small table and an old frying pan. I lit a candle and spoke my intention. I began feeding the list into the fire and watched with fascination at the flame which turned from orange to red, then to golden outlined in a true bright turquoise! I was amazed! The full moon shone brightly in the south east. I listened to music, then I got up and danced to celebrate how free I felt!
I have learned that creating a ceremony is a healthy way to anchor oneself to the present. The ceremony in effect states to the Universe, well… whatever I intend. In this case, my intention was to release all that no longer serves my highest purpose. But more is needed than a simple release. I mean, when you release something, you need to backfill the empty space, right?
Well, the refilling part was easy. After all, I have had practice. When I left the family religion in 1999 I had to replace those wonky beliefs with something healthy, right?
It is time to move on to a future of my heart and soul's desire.
My heart and soul's desire is to publish my book that reveals my life story. One might think that having been raised in a North American religion, all is well and healthy. After all, this is America, the land of the free. Well, the big news is that North America has its share of religious propaganda and outright hypocrisy. It's not just those "third world religions" that are ummm—out of balance. To put it mildly.
I decided to publish a book from the manuscript I have been sitting on since 2003.
Now, I must do some preliminary setup. I feel lighter already and will keep you posted!
In the meantime, I'd love to hear about your heart and soul's desire…

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hollowing Out of Canada by Guest Blogger

In capitalism, there are buyers and sellers. When one company's owners agree to sell out to another company's owners, a bigger fish is eating a smaller one.
One line of reasoning says that if it's assets were managed to their best effect, the target company's market value would be higher, and it would not be worth a buyer paying that high value to take it over. So, when a buyout occurs, it is because the assets are not being utilized as effectively as the new owners would utilize them. The line of reasoning says better management of the assets being purchased will create more profitability, and in the long run, the world will be better off as measured by current accounting standards. And seen from the point of view of the seller, why not sell to the highest bidder? Effectively, this is what goes on in the stock markets every day in the trading of shares.
But the consequences of takeovers of Canadian businesses by foreign corporations are: (1) that the head office moves to another country, and the Canadian operation no longer has control or as many management jobs, and (2) the stock listing moves to a stock exchange in another country and any dividends are paid from that country, are taxed by that country, and Canada's CRA sees the dividends as now coming from a foreign source, and taxes the dividends at a higher rate than "Canadian" dividends.
Examples are given in the Globe and Mail article, but there are many others such as the buyout of MacMillan Bloedel by Weyerhauser in which the Vancouver head office disappeared and went to Seattle. Another example is the buyout of BC Gas by Kinder Morgan in which the Vancouver head office went to Texas.
Government intervention in the past has not worked very well. Foreign Investment Review Agency (FIRA) executed moves that were seen as protectionist and erratic.
One might think that Prime Minister Harper will be ideologically reluctant to interfere with open capitalist markets. Yet, there he is trying to make friends with China.
Personally, I think we need smarter government that addresses the needs of Canada in these two respects. It is important to keep Canadian head offices in Canada, otherwise we lose control of the country and our managerial talent goes elsewhere. Secondly, Canadian investors deserve fair tax treatment for what is essentially business income generated in Canada. An agreement at the G20/OECD level may well be required. I'd be curious to know the stand of the other political parties in Canada on this issue.
I, for one, do not wish to become an eaten fish.
Submitted by guest blogger @imboggled on Twitter. Please feel free to comment below. 

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Deconstructing Religion

When I write I see my father in me, especially when I feel angry about an injustice. He used to write letters to people with whom he was angry. I was afraid of my father. So afraid I ran away from home when I was sixteen after he had predicted my death.
Well, I outlived my father. He died in 1993 and that is when I began therapy. My father could no longer hurt me, I reasoned.
Except that I had internalized his horrific teachings. Almost twenty years later I look back to see how being a terrorized child had produced a terrorized adult.
Religion was the key. Everything in the Bible was true and would have a literal application, according to him. And ever since I was little, Armageddon was on its way—any day. God was watching me and I could never be perfectly obedient, after all, I was an imperfect human. Surely I was one who would be destroyed at Armageddon by such a punishing god. He was at least as fearful as my father, but way more powerful, after all he was god.
I left the family religion in the year 2000 and have been slowly dismantling the belief system ever since. Religious beliefs are among the most dangerous beliefs because I felt powerless against such religiously-induced terrors.
I needed a plan. Move far away and get a job. Then get involved in something I loved. For me, it was dancing.
My first breakthrough occurred when I moved out of the province and away from the prying eyes of the religious community I left. Three provinces away were about right.
But how functional could I be, having been raised a terrorized child with a god who watched my every move, waiting for me to slip up.
I had been set up to fail, I realized. This is the point where many ex-Jehovah's Witnesses self-destruct. Some have nowhere to turn, so they commit suicide. I; however, was determined to succeed.
The task ahead was to deconstruct my belief system, one terror at a time, until I could function as a normal human being. No therapist could help me because most of them did not understand the concept of how religions operate—in the name of god—leaving their flock full of disempowered victims in the wake of their fear-based beliefs. Sadly, many therapists are in awe of religion. Even worse, many therapists are terrorized by religion, just like me.
I met a wise woman of First Nations descent. I have been spending time with her. Her courage in the face of religion has emboldened me to stand up. "Stand in your power," she told me many times. What does that mean, exactly? What works for me these days? She speaks what I call "simple truths" which are undisputable. I just know in my heart and soul the truth of her words.
"We are all human." Who can dispute that? We are all equal as humans, even the JW elders in suits who judged my faith as defective. Humans do not have a right to treat one another disrespectfully, by pretending they are superior.
I figure the world is divided along religious lines, with each religion thinking it is the only "true" religion. With a belief system like that, it keeps the world divided. Perhaps the powers that be prefer all of us to be in a divided state. It prevents ones from standing up for our self or for a cause. The "Occupy" movement is one such example, where the government could just move in with an army and shut the movement down. People are conditioned to "obey authority." People gave the government their power, after all.
So, here I am writing down my thoughts, gaining clarity, and healing my religious wounds inflicted in childhood.
"Create a 'sacred ceremony' that has personal meaning," the First Nations woman said. "It provides connection to your sense of the Divine." So, I selected a low wooden table that I could sit at and meditate. I light a candle, rub a stone, listen to some music, or bang on a drum—and all kinds of great ideas come to me—ideas that break down the religious childhood fears and help me to live as a grown-up, to face my daily challenges and let go of all the fears.
"Love yourself, be gentle with yourself—the lesson of the deer," is another beneficial teaching I have learned. I read Ted Andrews books and feel connected to the earth and my surroundings. This helps to heal the isolation I felt after being judged harshly, subsequently disfellowshipped, and rejected by a religious community—supposedly being "thrown out into the dark" discarded like so much garbage. Religious instruction is all about "doing more" and "giving till it hurts." That is not how I choose to live. I like the concept of being gentle. Staying in bed on Saturday morning feels positively luxurious after the years I spent as an unpaid marketing agent, door-knocking, looking for converts for the Jehovah's Witnesses.
Deconstructing my belief system, proving to myself there is a better way to live, has given me the courage to pursue healthy new avenues. Activities that provide pleasure, rather than produce pain are preferable every time!
I feel safe now to thank my father for the lessons he taught. I will take what serves my highest interest and I will leave the fear behind.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rest in Peace Andy

I'm playing this one for you, Andy! Don't You Wish it Was True by John Fogerty.

I am Andy’s sister. He took great pride in saying I was his favorite sister, of course I’m his only sister, but that didn’t stop him from saying that each time we saw one another.

I am here for Andy, to celebrate his life. He had a hard life, but he had many joys, too. He has two wonderful children who he absolutely adores.

The thing about Andy was that he judged himself harshly. The past few years he looked at himself in the mirror and he saw himself as “broken.” He looked at each of us. He looked into our eyes and he could tell if we loved him unconditionally. The message from our eyes and heart told him, “I love you and accept you just as you are. I see you as a beautiful and whole person.” Love is simple. I speak from my heart now and say, “Andy, I love you because you are my brother. I love you and accept you just the way you are. You are a beautiful being, filled with love and light.”

Indeed, Andy was filled with love and wonder for life, he loved nature and the outdoors. He had a bird bath in his back yard and told me — and everyone I’m sure — how the robins would cue up on the garage roof, waiting their turn in the bird bath. And if one bird would take too long, the ones in cue up on the roof became impatient, leaning over the edge in anticipation of when their turn would occur. He learned about the birds because Mom had given him a book of birds. He spent many happy hours studying his beloved book of birds. If he was anything like me, one reason for his fondness of that book from Mom would be just so he could feel close to her, who left the planet in the year 2000.

Andy was generous. He would help anyone in need and never asked for anything back. He loved being surrounded by friends and family. I loved that he could let himself feel the full range of emotions. He could laugh and he could cry. We laughed and cried together sometimes. He knew it was okay to let himself feel what others felt. Sharing feelings allows for healing of emotional wounds. Like Andy would say, “And that’s a beautiful thing!”

We are all one, we are all connected. We are all human, each with our challenges. Andy always knew what place we were coming from because he was a beautiful, sensitive soul filled with love for all of us here.

Andy, I bless you to your path. There is no harshness where you are now. Only love. Pure love. Here's one more song for you, beloved brother.

Wildwood Flower made famous by the Carter Family. Andy played this many times on his guitar. He learned it from Uncle Don and Uncle Dewey.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Disillusioned by Religion

"In the past I thought religion was all about 'belonging' and 'Jesus loves me.' But when I attended church we felt so terribly judged," my friend explained how she felt about religion.

"I know exactly what you are saying," I heard myself respond. "I could never measure up to their standards of 'righteousness.'"

Religion tore our family apart." Ella* is like a sister to me. Perhaps a "soul sister." We have had a similar religious journey in some ways.

Before Jesus or God could love me, I had to be a certain way, act a certain way and behave a certain way. They could not accept me as I was. And in the end — apparently — I was judged as unlovable.

In Ella's case, she and her partner were engaged and living together. They felt no urgent need to get married. The love they felt for each other was pure in their eyes and that was enough. But throw religion in the mix and suddenly all kinds of rules applied. Suddenly guilt and shame were painted all over them. They were judged harshly for being unwed.

"Is all religion so harsh and judgmental?" One might ask the question, and validly so. Someone asked her at work, "Are you a Christian?" Her explanation was very much the same as mine.

Let Them Eat Cake

While I feel a sense of spirituality, I would rather not identify myself as anything in a religious sense, because as soon as I make some religious declaration, I paint myself into a box in which I don't rightly belong. So, like her, I would rather not call myself a Christian. Look at the example of Christians in the United States. Look at who is running for US presidency lately: right wing Christian fundamentalists without heart or soul, owned by corporate interests. I keep looking in them for the "consciousness of Christ." I recall a scripture where Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. Would he — or would he not — throw out the likes of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or Rick Santorum? Mitt Romney recently declared that he is not interested in poor people. He would give them food stamps. That's their safely net, according to him. Another instance of religious love in action: "Let them eat cake." Perhaps Mr. Romney might try living off food stamps.

Is your marriage protected from religion?

Who Owns a Woman's Body?

I question why religious groups think they have the power to control women's bodies? Why do they think it's okay to dictate what goes on in the bedrooms of America? It occurred to me that perhaps some women are conditioned to enable this behavior and belief.

The Jehovah's Witnesses appear to believe that a man must "lead his wife" and "dominate her". I wonder if it is healthy for women to let men make such arbitrary choices for them.

Religion and Sexual Abuse of Children

Bishops want "unmarrieds" to abstain from sex. Yet, some among them are forcing sex on children. Where is their abstinence? Is that their level of their emotional intelligence — forcing their "authority" over dis-empowered, vulnerable children? Would Jesus behave that way?

I remind myself that they themselves are unmarried. I remind myself that the raping or sodomizing of children is illegal. I remind myself that justice for the wounded children will eventually occur, since what comes around goes around. I observe that some of the present governments are enabling the sexual predators to continue their attacks on children by turning a blind eye. I remind myself of how Jesus would have viewed the behavior of those religious and government leaders.

Jehovah's Witnesses and Honor Killings?

All over the world religious people are killing one another. It's not just the Muslims who do "honor" killings, like government propaganda might imply. American religions such as Jehovah's Witnesses are perfectly capable of violence against their own, too. All in the name of their God. They even treat living relatives who have left their religion as dead. Such treatment might be considered as the Jehovah's Witnesses' version of honor killings. That's abusive.

I have a conscience and consider myself spiritual but non-religious. Perhaps what we observe around us is all happening for some higher purpose. Nevertheless, I keep reminding myself to let go of judgment and just keep sending love and light, and trust the spiritual process. Sometimes I struggle with what I see in the news. Again, I remind myself that perhaps people's observations are creating awareness of religion's place in civilized society.

* Ella is not her real name.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Residues of the Bible

Without a doubt, the Bible is a most influential book, and not in a healthy way. As a child, the Bible was used by my parents to teach me obedience and subjection. It was a book that instilled fear — a book of oppression filled with harsh, punishing beliefs. My parents used the Bible to produce compliant children who were easy to control and manipulate.

Now, as an adult, I still see the influence of the Bible by authority figures. Being biblically conditioned, I subsequently — and most unfortunately in my ignorance — used that same book to brainwash my children. I produced compliant, obedient sheep, rather than people who might think for themselves.

The Jehovah's Witnesses Bible
Translation was a tool of oppression
my parents used to keep me
obedient and subservient
as a child
As a mature adult, I examined my life when it fell around me in ruins, only to realize I had been lied to by my parents, by religious leaders and by our governments — all in the name of god. I came to realize that religion uses the bible to produce bigots who are incapable of seeing that they are indeed bigots. Their religious leaders have told them they are superior to every other religion. Persecution of others different from them became a natural consequence of such an oppressing belief. In the USA we have some of the leading bigots currently running for the presidency. Who recognizes this? I can see the influence the Bible has brought to their political situation.

I see a government in Canada currently in power who claims to be "Christian," yet it enables the destruction of our planet through greed. In truth, Big Oil is Prime Minister Harper’s god. He is complicit while the First Nations self-sovereign ways of life and livelihood are being destroyed and the people are being demoralized. The oil industry is polluting the planet, even though we are supposed to be caretakers and stewards of the earth, according the Bible. We have a so-called “Christian” government that cares more about money than the habitability of the earth. Oppression of the many by a few. Governments use the Bible to propagandize the population — to dumb us down and subjugate, divide, and conquer entire populations. It is a book that teaches poverty for the common folk and riches for the bottom-feeding elite. It teaches patriarchy as a way of life, where women and girls are subject to male domination and oppression.

The time has come for me to reject this book that enables such an unprecedented level of corruption by patriarchs. I would not have seen this if I had not read the Bible and fallen under its influence. Now I realize it is time to take my power back and reclaim the earth and protect it from greedy governments and soulless corporations. Corporations have no soul, and neither do the politicians who have been bought by corporate money. Our government leaders are bought and sold to the highest bidder these days. Now I see the Bible as a book written by men for men to oppress humanity in the name of their god.

Without a doubt, the book used to influence me the most was the Bible. Today, it helps me to see where people in power are misusing their power in the name of god. It is patriarchal book used to control and manipulate people, all in the name of god.

Now, the bible is nothing more than a reference book for me, reminding me of a time in history of immeasurable evil.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Videos - Oil Spills around the World

The Canadian Government is pushing ahead with the development of the tarsands, (yes, it's tar mixed with gravel — nothing like the slick oil from Saudi Arabia). Nothing like the commercials brag about. Investors are being duped. Plans are being imposed with or without the permission of the native people, animals, and fauna involved. Sacred sites are being destroyed in the name of capitalism. First Nations Communities down river from Fort McMurray in Alberta are feeling the effects of the polluted waters from agreements made forty years ago with the oil industry. Abnormal numbers of their people are dying from various cancers. The fish are deformed, which naturally leads the people to think the cancer is a direct result of the toxic water quality. Honest scientists are concerned about the lack of healthy conscience in our present government. As a result, some great information is becoming known, to help create awareness for Canadian citizens. This page is about citizens sharing with other citizens. The 99% sharing with the 99%.

Must-See Videos!

Articles: Stopping Kinder Morgan

More Videos!

Videos about Enbridge Oil Videos about the BP Oil Spill Keystone XL Pipeline Videos

Articles about Chevron

(more to come)

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oil Company Puppets Aplenty

Tom Fletcher sounds like "just another Big Oil Puppet." He writes government propaganda for the Burnaby Newsleader. His comments are not new. They echo Harper's Conservative spin doctors, all bought and paid for with Enbridge's "Ethical Oil" money, subsidized with our tax dollars. No longer do they think what is good for the planet, the country, or families. Now, it's all about investing in Big Oil — in spite of it's not even being oil. It's tar mixed with gravel. It's not anything like the real oil wells in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, or Russia. Investors are being royally deceived.

Tailings pond at Athabasca River in Alberta, seen via satellite,
is surely not ethical as Enbridge would have us believe.
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The tailings pond at Athabasca River is polluting the river, contaminating all the water for any downstream communities. The waste pond is larger than the mine in the photo. As long as the mine continues to operate, the waste pond continues to grow in size. How can that be ethical? Where do Enbridge's interests truly lie?

One of Mr. Fletcher's claims is that "The oil industry promises many jobs." Sorry, Mr. Fletcher, but job creation is a myth. A Tyee article revealed that more jobs are lost, not gained, in the oil industry. Also, the jobs are temporary, because oil is a NON-renewable resource. The First Nations ways of life will be destroyed. Entire communities will go without life-giving water, fish, game, and wildlife, after big oil rapes and pollutes the land. A good example of a community who lost its sustainable way of life is Attawapiskat, ON where these First Nations came to poverty rather than prosperity, when the nearby diamond mines destroyed the community's natural way of life.

Climate change is a real industrial creation, but big oil won't admit that, or else, ethically they would have to walk away from the tar business. Climate change is a global issue, as Sierra Club executive director John Bennett stated in a recent CBC news video. As a result of big oil and Harper's Conservatives' lack of conscience in this regard, I'm glad to see that some people of influence have found their voices to speak up on behalf of the environment and say no to big oil. It is the only truly ethical action to take.

Harper and his globalist friends have really gone too far in declaring environmentalist icons to be "enemies of the State." It sounds like Harper has been hanging around with communists lately, with talk like that. But, then, some people apparently don't believe in real science or evolution. Furthermore, big oil pays them to keep in the dark about environmental issues. Even some of Harper's buddies have been detecting the ring of insincerity at the essence of the Big Oil spin doctors. This kind of talk will help people to see the light at the end of the pipeline...perhaps?

Life on the tar sands is lonely, where men are pulled away from their wives and families by the lure of big money. Such a life does not sound harmonious with a "family values of togetherness" philosophy. Along with the lonely life on the tar sands, men may become tempted by the drug and alcohol scene prevalent at the work camps. How will addictions help families struggling to make ends meet? My brother worked at one of those types of camps. He and his girlfriend did not last long.

Lastly, Harper would do well to listen to the First Nations elders. He could learn great wisdom about their natural ways of living off the land. Rather than interfere, he could embrace and encourage their way of life. Or does he still think like the Colonialists of olden days who wanted to destroy the First Nations, declaring them ignorant? Come into the 21st century, why not? Let's stand as a nation and find truly sustainable energy sources, which don't include tar — because tar is a finite resource which requires much refining before being saleable. It's not a good investment.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Conscience or Lack Thereof in Canadian Leadership

Nothing to see here. Just another radical environmentalist mulling over the events of the past weeks. My latest radical quest has led me to summarize the New Canada and get a handle on what to do next.

The New Canada—A Dictatorship

Harper believes he runs a benign dictatorship. Harper's followers are at about 22% of Canadian voters, which was the lowest voter turnout in Canadian electoral history, and the lowest level of support of any winning party in Canadian history of eligible voters. In plain English, he is still a minority having more than three-quarters of the population with ideas differing from his. But having a minority doesn't stop him from using the reins of power to suit his right wing worldview.
These days, the big news is that Harper has his heart set on harvesting oil in Alberta, shipping it across BC and subsequently across the ocean to China. The Chinese are his new friends, since they can make Harper rich. Note: Harper gets rich, not Canada. Not the First Nations whose land he rapes. Harper, along with a few of his oil cronies will be the only beneficiaries. He promises new jobs, but an interesting statistic I dug up in getting to the truth explains how even more jobs will be lost, not gained. More livelihoods will be lost, with the First Nations losing their sustainable way of life—most regrettably.
But, because Harper is supposedly a "Christian" many Christians think he is just marvelous. He is right up there with Jesus, and will lead Canada to a New Order of Peace or something equally insipid. I never voted for Harper, but I do understand why the Christian right might believe in him. I used to be religious, so I imagine Christian churches spew political propaganda about Harper's ability to "lead the world to Christ." Religious people lose their ability to reason as they switch their brains to the "sheeple" mode. After the switch, they can only follow as they are being led down the propaganda trail, bobbing their heads as they go, compliant to anything they are fed. Life is simple in the "sheeple" mode. However, be warned that a nation of religious sheeple does not question a leader who is one of them. They trust their leader and his news sources, so they bob along in complete ease.
Faith is blind. Religious people see hatred of others as righteous when preserving their beliefs, which are always right and their leaders are always infallible. In Bible times, Jesus' followers were wishing for a leader to arise and save them from Roman domination. Well, perhaps Hitler—err Harper— is viewed as the leader needed to save Canada and the world from Islamic domination, which Christians fear.


A dictator needs a way to peddle his propaganda. Harper had media radio piping propaganda to whoever will listen. But, there is more coming. Harper's front man, Kory Teneycke is making preparations for a milk-toast media many call Fox News North to begin operations 24/7 starting April 18, 2012. I suspect we will hear much about "Canada's National Harper's interests," "ethical oil" just because it is found in Canada instead of Arabia, like putting the word "ethical" in front of it makes it environmentally clean. Already, we hear plenty of oil rhetoric from Joe Oliver. In a CBC Video, Kathryn Marshall (married to Hamish Marshall, Stephen Harper's former strategic planning manager) sounds like a brainwashed marionette who speaks over and over again of foreign special interest groups, puppet groups trying to hijack the Canadian regulatory process. Seems to me there is no regulatory process beyond what Harper wants. Ms Marshall completely bypasses a valid request to converse about clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. Don't oil bandits require clean air and clean water to live? Or are they somehow special? Maybe when the earth is too contaminated to sustain life, and Harper has made his millions, then the Rapture will occur and they will all go to heaven, leaving us to choke to death in their smog creation.

War Monger

Another thing I don't like about Harper is he would like to start a war. Remember President Bush and his "weapons of mass destruction" propaganda? Remember Hitler fearing the Jews? Well, now Harper is trying his hand at a similar spiel. Near the bottom of this article, our fearful leader,
Harper said the evidence is “growing overwhelming” that Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons, and that the country’s leaders are lying when they say they are not pursuing this objective.
“I think the only dispute is how far advanced it is, and how far off it will be until they actually develop those weapons, and develop the capability of delivering those weapons.”
Moreover, Harper had a chilling assessment of what could happen if Iran achieves nuclear capability.
“I’ve watched and listened to what the leadership in the Iranian regime says, and it frightens me. You know, these are . . . in my judgment, these are people who have a particular, you know, fanatically religious worldview, and their statements imply to me no hesitation of using nuclear weapons if they see them achieving their religious or political purposes."
Harper's religious worldview is indeed fanatical, but he and his Christians can't see that. Maybe Harper recognizes a lie when he hears one, as he has been doing do much lying lately. So, Harper is fearful and wants everyone to take on his fears and allow him to invade Iran. Just like President Bush and the groundless "weapons of mass destruction" theory which landed the US at war in Iraq. After all, war is a great money-maker for government leaders, especially if they have invested your tax dollars into the war machine to fill their deep pockets. But, unfortunately, the common people won't fare too well. Families will be ripped apart, many husbands and fathers will return in body bags, or on stretchers or wheelchairs, shell-shocked with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But Harper's pockets will be full, so that's all that matters. As long as Harper can play with his shiny new fighter jets and submarines, all is well in Harperstan. After all, the common people are expendable. Most governments believe there are too many people on the planet, anyway.

Economic goals

Harper has economic goals that are incongruent with the preserving of the planet. He wants to develop the oil industry to triple the production output.
Where Canada's commitment to Kyoto required a cutback of 5 millions of tonnes in C02 emissions, Harper disrespected the Canadian promise and instead, increased C02 emissions by 17 million tonnes of C02. Looking at his new friend, China, who appears to have absolutely no regard for climate change, Harper looks like small potatoes. Nevertheless, with the desire to triple output and supply China with "ethical" oil, Harper is enabling China to go well beyond their disgraceful current emissions of 206.5 millions of tons, which goes right off the map.
China has a bad smog problem. Some of our neighbors from China have told us personally that China has gray skies—not blue. They were astonished upon moving to the west coast and discovering a shade of blue sky unseen in the China they left behind. Well, keep Harper in power and he will ensure Canada matches those gray skies in short order. But no worries, as long as Harper & Enbridge are making a ton of money, it doesn't matter. New jobs for some at the cost of First Nations' livelihoods don't matter to Harper. He has apologized to the First Nations for the residential school fiasco, so he's on good terms with them from now on, we are told.

Silence enemies

I also learned that the Harper government would like to silence Canadian environmental icons like David Suzuki by expressing the wish to shut down his foundation. Harper is a Christian and doesn't believe in evolution or science. Why shine light on truth when it is preferable to make decisions in the dark, as a climate change denier.
Who are Harper's enemies? Anyone who espouses a differing view from his own, it seems. And some thought we lived in a democracy.
What was I thinking?
The "ethical" oil industry has shut the mouths of "trouble-makers" in the past. Watch this video called Gashole, about an inventor who knew how to build an ultra-efficient car engine. The builder turned up dead in the desert. No way this little nobody would stop big oil from making a ton of money. It will be interesting to see where Harper stops, in his greedy quest to make money on oil. How many lives will be lost before his mad quest for power is over?


Remember the fear-filled flyers Canadian households received around election time, stressing the urgent need for more and larger prisons? Harper wants to make his dream of building huge prisons a reality. Doesn't it matter that the "big prisons theory" has been tried and proven a failure? Harper has been informed of those failure statistics, but our fearful leader thinks he knows better. He is god-backed, after all. He has Christians bobbing their heads, affirming the "big prisons theory." How could he fail?

So, what can we do?

So, what do we as Canadians do if we don't see eye to eye with the head-bobbing Christian right? Clearly, the majority of Canadians do not believe Harper's propaganda. "Many false Christs would come into the world" is a quote that comes to mind right from my scripture days. Remember the scriptures that follow implore us to not get "taken in" by those false Christs. In other words, we must keep speaking out, keep writing, keep talking about what is our truth. Keep shining the light into the dark places. Keep signing those petitions. Our occupation can change forms to fill a need where required. We are not all "sheeple"! Many of us still have our power of reason, thankfully!
I believe we need to cut back on oil consumption, until we phase it out of existence. Safe new energy sources are waiting to be found and these will replace what is in existence today. These will be environmentally safe and affordable for everyone. Monopolies will be a thing of the past. Monopolies, including the oil industry have blood on their hands. Any new ideas that have come along have been squelched by them, up until now. However, I must believe those criminals will be called to account for their greed and murder. I have not given up on the democratic process. What I have NEVER believed is thinking that Harper will lead us to a new and environmentally clean way of living. Clearly, he and his oil cronies have demonstrated otherwise.
"And no religion, too."--John Lennon, a man ahead of his time.

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