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Friday, January 20, 2012

Conscience or Lack Thereof in Canadian Leadership

Nothing to see here. Just another radical environmentalist mulling over the events of the past weeks. My latest radical quest has led me to summarize the New Canada and get a handle on what to do next.

The New Canada—A Dictatorship

Harper believes he runs a benign dictatorship. Harper's followers are at about 22% of Canadian voters, which was the lowest voter turnout in Canadian electoral history, and the lowest level of support of any winning party in Canadian history of eligible voters. In plain English, he is still a minority having more than three-quarters of the population with ideas differing from his. But having a minority doesn't stop him from using the reins of power to suit his right wing worldview.
These days, the big news is that Harper has his heart set on harvesting oil in Alberta, shipping it across BC and subsequently across the ocean to China. The Chinese are his new friends, since they can make Harper rich. Note: Harper gets rich, not Canada. Not the First Nations whose land he rapes. Harper, along with a few of his oil cronies will be the only beneficiaries. He promises new jobs, but an interesting statistic I dug up in getting to the truth explains how even more jobs will be lost, not gained. More livelihoods will be lost, with the First Nations losing their sustainable way of life—most regrettably.
But, because Harper is supposedly a "Christian" many Christians think he is just marvelous. He is right up there with Jesus, and will lead Canada to a New Order of Peace or something equally insipid. I never voted for Harper, but I do understand why the Christian right might believe in him. I used to be religious, so I imagine Christian churches spew political propaganda about Harper's ability to "lead the world to Christ." Religious people lose their ability to reason as they switch their brains to the "sheeple" mode. After the switch, they can only follow as they are being led down the propaganda trail, bobbing their heads as they go, compliant to anything they are fed. Life is simple in the "sheeple" mode. However, be warned that a nation of religious sheeple does not question a leader who is one of them. They trust their leader and his news sources, so they bob along in complete ease.
Faith is blind. Religious people see hatred of others as righteous when preserving their beliefs, which are always right and their leaders are always infallible. In Bible times, Jesus' followers were wishing for a leader to arise and save them from Roman domination. Well, perhaps Hitler—err Harper— is viewed as the leader needed to save Canada and the world from Islamic domination, which Christians fear.


A dictator needs a way to peddle his propaganda. Harper had media radio piping propaganda to whoever will listen. But, there is more coming. Harper's front man, Kory Teneycke is making preparations for a milk-toast media many call Fox News North to begin operations 24/7 starting April 18, 2012. I suspect we will hear much about "Canada's National Harper's interests," "ethical oil" just because it is found in Canada instead of Arabia, like putting the word "ethical" in front of it makes it environmentally clean. Already, we hear plenty of oil rhetoric from Joe Oliver. In a CBC Video, Kathryn Marshall (married to Hamish Marshall, Stephen Harper's former strategic planning manager) sounds like a brainwashed marionette who speaks over and over again of foreign special interest groups, puppet groups trying to hijack the Canadian regulatory process. Seems to me there is no regulatory process beyond what Harper wants. Ms Marshall completely bypasses a valid request to converse about clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. Don't oil bandits require clean air and clean water to live? Or are they somehow special? Maybe when the earth is too contaminated to sustain life, and Harper has made his millions, then the Rapture will occur and they will all go to heaven, leaving us to choke to death in their smog creation.

War Monger

Another thing I don't like about Harper is he would like to start a war. Remember President Bush and his "weapons of mass destruction" propaganda? Remember Hitler fearing the Jews? Well, now Harper is trying his hand at a similar spiel. Near the bottom of this article, our fearful leader,
Harper said the evidence is “growing overwhelming” that Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons, and that the country’s leaders are lying when they say they are not pursuing this objective.
“I think the only dispute is how far advanced it is, and how far off it will be until they actually develop those weapons, and develop the capability of delivering those weapons.”
Moreover, Harper had a chilling assessment of what could happen if Iran achieves nuclear capability.
“I’ve watched and listened to what the leadership in the Iranian regime says, and it frightens me. You know, these are . . . in my judgment, these are people who have a particular, you know, fanatically religious worldview, and their statements imply to me no hesitation of using nuclear weapons if they see them achieving their religious or political purposes."
Harper's religious worldview is indeed fanatical, but he and his Christians can't see that. Maybe Harper recognizes a lie when he hears one, as he has been doing do much lying lately. So, Harper is fearful and wants everyone to take on his fears and allow him to invade Iran. Just like President Bush and the groundless "weapons of mass destruction" theory which landed the US at war in Iraq. After all, war is a great money-maker for government leaders, especially if they have invested your tax dollars into the war machine to fill their deep pockets. But, unfortunately, the common people won't fare too well. Families will be ripped apart, many husbands and fathers will return in body bags, or on stretchers or wheelchairs, shell-shocked with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But Harper's pockets will be full, so that's all that matters. As long as Harper can play with his shiny new fighter jets and submarines, all is well in Harperstan. After all, the common people are expendable. Most governments believe there are too many people on the planet, anyway.

Economic goals

Harper has economic goals that are incongruent with the preserving of the planet. He wants to develop the oil industry to triple the production output.
Where Canada's commitment to Kyoto required a cutback of 5 millions of tonnes in C02 emissions, Harper disrespected the Canadian promise and instead, increased C02 emissions by 17 million tonnes of C02. Looking at his new friend, China, who appears to have absolutely no regard for climate change, Harper looks like small potatoes. Nevertheless, with the desire to triple output and supply China with "ethical" oil, Harper is enabling China to go well beyond their disgraceful current emissions of 206.5 millions of tons, which goes right off the map.
China has a bad smog problem. Some of our neighbors from China have told us personally that China has gray skies—not blue. They were astonished upon moving to the west coast and discovering a shade of blue sky unseen in the China they left behind. Well, keep Harper in power and he will ensure Canada matches those gray skies in short order. But no worries, as long as Harper & Enbridge are making a ton of money, it doesn't matter. New jobs for some at the cost of First Nations' livelihoods don't matter to Harper. He has apologized to the First Nations for the residential school fiasco, so he's on good terms with them from now on, we are told.

Silence enemies

I also learned that the Harper government would like to silence Canadian environmental icons like David Suzuki by expressing the wish to shut down his foundation. Harper is a Christian and doesn't believe in evolution or science. Why shine light on truth when it is preferable to make decisions in the dark, as a climate change denier.
Who are Harper's enemies? Anyone who espouses a differing view from his own, it seems. And some thought we lived in a democracy.
What was I thinking?
The "ethical" oil industry has shut the mouths of "trouble-makers" in the past. Watch this video called Gashole, about an inventor who knew how to build an ultra-efficient car engine. The builder turned up dead in the desert. No way this little nobody would stop big oil from making a ton of money. It will be interesting to see where Harper stops, in his greedy quest to make money on oil. How many lives will be lost before his mad quest for power is over?


Remember the fear-filled flyers Canadian households received around election time, stressing the urgent need for more and larger prisons? Harper wants to make his dream of building huge prisons a reality. Doesn't it matter that the "big prisons theory" has been tried and proven a failure? Harper has been informed of those failure statistics, but our fearful leader thinks he knows better. He is god-backed, after all. He has Christians bobbing their heads, affirming the "big prisons theory." How could he fail?

So, what can we do?

So, what do we as Canadians do if we don't see eye to eye with the head-bobbing Christian right? Clearly, the majority of Canadians do not believe Harper's propaganda. "Many false Christs would come into the world" is a quote that comes to mind right from my scripture days. Remember the scriptures that follow implore us to not get "taken in" by those false Christs. In other words, we must keep speaking out, keep writing, keep talking about what is our truth. Keep shining the light into the dark places. Keep signing those petitions. Our occupation can change forms to fill a need where required. We are not all "sheeple"! Many of us still have our power of reason, thankfully!
I believe we need to cut back on oil consumption, until we phase it out of existence. Safe new energy sources are waiting to be found and these will replace what is in existence today. These will be environmentally safe and affordable for everyone. Monopolies will be a thing of the past. Monopolies, including the oil industry have blood on their hands. Any new ideas that have come along have been squelched by them, up until now. However, I must believe those criminals will be called to account for their greed and murder. I have not given up on the democratic process. What I have NEVER believed is thinking that Harper will lead us to a new and environmentally clean way of living. Clearly, he and his oil cronies have demonstrated otherwise.
"And no religion, too."--John Lennon, a man ahead of his time.

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  1. I'm with you, Esther. I have never liked or trusted our current PM. Unfortunately, he has the power and Canadians have given it to him. How that happened we'll never know, as you'll be hard-pressed in finding people who will admit they voted for him.

  2. Thanks for your comment of support. Religion mixed in with politics is especially dangerous because the sheeple think they are doing "god's will." Pitiful.