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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oil Company Puppets Aplenty

Tom Fletcher sounds like "just another Big Oil Puppet." He writes government propaganda for the Burnaby Newsleader. His comments are not new. They echo Harper's Conservative spin doctors, all bought and paid for with Enbridge's "Ethical Oil" money, subsidized with our tax dollars. No longer do they think what is good for the planet, the country, or families. Now, it's all about investing in Big Oil — in spite of it's not even being oil. It's tar mixed with gravel. It's not anything like the real oil wells in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, or Russia. Investors are being royally deceived.

Tailings pond at Athabasca River in Alberta, seen via satellite,
is surely not ethical as Enbridge would have us believe.
Click to enlarge.

The tailings pond at Athabasca River is polluting the river, contaminating all the water for any downstream communities. The waste pond is larger than the mine in the photo. As long as the mine continues to operate, the waste pond continues to grow in size. How can that be ethical? Where do Enbridge's interests truly lie?

One of Mr. Fletcher's claims is that "The oil industry promises many jobs." Sorry, Mr. Fletcher, but job creation is a myth. A Tyee article revealed that more jobs are lost, not gained, in the oil industry. Also, the jobs are temporary, because oil is a NON-renewable resource. The First Nations ways of life will be destroyed. Entire communities will go without life-giving water, fish, game, and wildlife, after big oil rapes and pollutes the land. A good example of a community who lost its sustainable way of life is Attawapiskat, ON where these First Nations came to poverty rather than prosperity, when the nearby diamond mines destroyed the community's natural way of life.

Climate change is a real industrial creation, but big oil won't admit that, or else, ethically they would have to walk away from the tar business. Climate change is a global issue, as Sierra Club executive director John Bennett stated in a recent CBC news video. As a result of big oil and Harper's Conservatives' lack of conscience in this regard, I'm glad to see that some people of influence have found their voices to speak up on behalf of the environment and say no to big oil. It is the only truly ethical action to take.

Harper and his globalist friends have really gone too far in declaring environmentalist icons to be "enemies of the State." It sounds like Harper has been hanging around with communists lately, with talk like that. But, then, some people apparently don't believe in real science or evolution. Furthermore, big oil pays them to keep in the dark about environmental issues. Even some of Harper's buddies have been detecting the ring of insincerity at the essence of the Big Oil spin doctors. This kind of talk will help people to see the light at the end of the pipeline...perhaps?

Life on the tar sands is lonely, where men are pulled away from their wives and families by the lure of big money. Such a life does not sound harmonious with a "family values of togetherness" philosophy. Along with the lonely life on the tar sands, men may become tempted by the drug and alcohol scene prevalent at the work camps. How will addictions help families struggling to make ends meet? My brother worked at one of those types of camps. He and his girlfriend did not last long.

Lastly, Harper would do well to listen to the First Nations elders. He could learn great wisdom about their natural ways of living off the land. Rather than interfere, he could embrace and encourage their way of life. Or does he still think like the Colonialists of olden days who wanted to destroy the First Nations, declaring them ignorant? Come into the 21st century, why not? Let's stand as a nation and find truly sustainable energy sources, which don't include tar — because tar is a finite resource which requires much refining before being saleable. It's not a good investment.

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