Sunday, January 29, 2012

Videos - Oil Spills around the World

The Canadian Government is pushing ahead with the development of the tarsands, with or without the permission of the native people, animals, and fauna involved. First Nations Communities down river from Fort McMurray in Alberta are feeling the effects of the polluted waters from agreements made forty years ago with the oil industry. Abnormal numbers of their people are dying from various cancers. The fish are deformed, which naturally leads the people to think the cancer is a direct result of the water quality. Scientists are concerned about the lack of healthy conscience in our present government. As a result, some great information is becoming known, to help create awareness for Canadian citizens. This page is about citizens sharing with other citizens. The 99% sharing with the 99%.

Two New Videos!


Videos about Enbridge Oil
Videos about the BP Oil Spill

Keystone XL Pipeline Videos


Chevron Won't Remove Contaminated Oil, meanwhile Burnaby storage tanks keep leaking into Burrard Inlet. This is an on-going issue.
(more to come)
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