Saturday, April 7, 2012

Full Moon

I had a dream a few weeks ago in which I was leaving a job accompanied by several massive pieces of baggage precariously piled up to the ceiling. It was difficult to maneuver with the sheer height of it all, as it wobbled to and fro. I paused to steady the load and watched another employee walk out with one lone piece of luggage in a clear plastic suitcase and—empty…? How did I accumulate so much baggage? And why do I need this?
I woke up with a start and pondered the issue. How do I get rid of this excess baggage which is not serving me at all and which is only weighing me down? I struggled for several days with my weighty dilemma. It was then I decided to perform a Full Moon Ceremony and do some serious releasing.
"But, what shall I release?" I questioned. I thought back to all wonderful growth work, gaining strength and coming closer into balance with each new insight and step that I took.
I have been sending distance healing to uncomfortable situations and insights for some time now, having learned how over the years. I kept an ever-growing list in what I called a "distance healing bowl." In the morning as I was getting ready for work, I lit a candle, and accompanied by a little energetic message, sent the energy "out there" for the Universe to do its work. The way I saw it: the process was a type of surrender. In this way I would allow the Universe to look after those things in which I had little or no control.
"I've got it!" I declared. "I will burn that list I have been holding in my 'distance healing bowl.' It is time to release all that old baggage."
So that is what I did. I set up my patio with a small table and an old frying pan. I lit a candle and spoke my intention. I began feeding the list into the fire and watched with fascination at the flame which turned from orange to red, then to golden outlined in a true bright turquoise! I was amazed! The full moon shone brightly in the south east. I listened to music, then I got up and danced to celebrate how free I felt!
I have learned that creating a ceremony is a healthy way to anchor oneself to the present. The ceremony in effect states to the Universe, well… whatever I intend. In this case, my intention was to release all that no longer serves my highest purpose. But more is needed than a simple release. I mean, when you release something, you need to backfill the empty space, right?
Well, the refilling part was easy. After all, I have had practice. When I left the family religion in 1999 I had to replace those wonky beliefs with something healthy, right?
It is time to move on to a future of my heart and soul's desire.
My heart and soul's desire is to publish my book that reveals my life story. One might think that having been raised in a North American religion, all is well and healthy. After all, this is America, the land of the free. Well, the big news is that North America has its share of religious propaganda and outright hypocrisy. It's not just those "third world religions" that are ummm—out of balance. To put it mildly.
I decided to publish a book from the manuscript I have been sitting on since 2003.
Now, I must do some preliminary setup. I feel lighter already and will keep you posted!
In the meantime, I'd love to hear about your heart and soul's desire…

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  1. But maybe an empty clear plastic suitcase symbolizes emptiness in the Buddhist sense, that every 'thing' is ultimately void. So deal with your stuff knowing that it's essence is ultimately void - your burdens will dissipate. The people who cling most tightly to their beliefs (zealots) or material wealth (greedy materialists) will have the heaviest suitcases (loads). Dreams are an endless inspiration aren't they!

  2. I love your comment, Anonymous. Thanks for taking the time to write. Indeed, dreams are an endless inspiration! :)

  3. Good luck in getting your book out there to the world, Satinka. I think it will be an incredibly empowering process for you.

    My journey will be similar, as I have completed the research for my chocolate book and will be writing it over the next few months. We will be sharing the journey together.

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter, and that you are feeling refreshed and focused. Cheers!

  4. Thanks for your post, Doreen and thanks for your good wishes. I wish you luck with your writing journey. You are a wonderful writer, so I trust all will fall into place nicely. Cheers!