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Monday, May 28, 2012

Foreign Interests Have Taken Over Our Province

In order to see my doctor, I used to be able to hop the SkyTrain and be there in a half an hour. But that has changed now. My doctor has moved her office out of Burnaby and into Coquitlam. Now it takes a Skytrain ride, a 20-minute bus transfer, plus a 15-minute walk to consult with my family doctor.
Sure, I could find a new doctor. On second thought, no I can't. There is a shortage of doctors here, especially good women doctors.
I have since learned that her previous landlord tripled the rent once her lease was up, forcing her to relocate. Yes, her rent got tripled! It's called "Free Enterprise" in B.C., but I call it gouging. Some provinces have rent controls to prevent such shoddy business practices, but anything goes in B.C. Besides the jump in rent, the landlord demanded a 15-year lease commitment. As if anyone can reasonably and accurately plan 15 years in advance.
Maybe the landlord is forcing out all tenants so as to tear down and build a highrise in place of the existing strip mall. Or, maybe it is about sheer greed. I have never met the landlord. No matter, a government that enables such abusive treatment of renters is failing its constituents.
Rich foreign interests are taking over our fair province, it seems. It also feels like no one is in charge here anymore. Our Premier has signed away all her authority to the federal government, apparently. We live under an oppressive regime currently. Citizens like you and me are feeling oppressed.
I feel sure that these conditions cannot last long before citizens rise up to reclaim their power and their rights.
Simply put, we want our democracy back. Someone needs to be in charge, besides leaders who can be bought with corporate lobby dollars. Our governments need a gentle reminder: It's called, "We the people!" not "We the corporations!" We the people have souls, not the soul-less corporations.

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