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GMO Soup

You may not want to eat genetically modified (GM) foods, but chances are, you are eating them anyway. There are urgent reasons why we need to be aware of the dangers of eating GM foods. Monsanto is one of the most malevolent organizations and considered the most hated company in the world. Genetically modified foods are now accepted as one of the biggest threats to all living things.
My husband brought this soup home from the grocery store one day and showed me the list of ingredients. He asked me, "Is there any chicken in this soup? Or is it Soy?"
Not just Soy, but genetically-modified soy, since soy has been a genetically-modified grain since around 1998, according to wikipedia source files.
 photo GMO-Soup-logo-1.gif
I "genetically modified" the label so as not to give Campbell's Soups a bad name.
But seriously, if you want healthy food, you must read the label stating the ingredients and not take the branding as true by any stretch of the imagination. The real ingredients are listed below:
 photo GMO-Soup-ingredients.gif
Now, I ask the question: First of all, is there real chicken in this soup? Or is the "meat" really all GMO soy?
There are so many ingredients in this soup that my mother never even heard of as a soup ingredient. And the soup is called "Healthy Request." May I ask who requested this soup? Monsanto perhaps? Admittedly, many people are not aware of what are GM foods and where they are found, so now might be a good time to learn about what is really in our food.
So, I set out to inform myself with this video filled with valuable information. It is a video that many consumers might appreciate:
More good reading plus another (short) video (scroll down):
Seven Reasons to Never Eat Genetically Modified Foods
1. Increased Pesticide Use. Since plants become resistant to pesticides, it becomes necessary to increase the dosage year by year to have the same effectiveness. More pesticide use means more toxicity.
2. Have Been Shown To Be Dangerous To Your Health and Unsafe To Eat. More and more we hear of people developing severe allergies to food.
3. GM Foods Are Hidden In Animal Feed. Yes, if the animals are fed with GM grain, then the meat is toxic as a result.
4. GM and non-GM Cannot Co-Exist. The non-GM grain becomes contaminated by the GM grain through cross-pollination.
5. Long-term Economic Disaster For Farmers. In the past, farmers saved their seeds from year to year, but thanks to genetic modification, that is no longer possible. The grain does not have the strength to reproduce itself two years in a row. The reproduction process has been bred out of our food. Farmers must spend great sums of money each year buying new seed. Most farmers now admit they made a big mistake as a result of embracing Monsanto's suggested way of farming.
6. GM Companies Cannot Be Trusted. The truth of that statement is self-evident. GM companies lobby for deregulation and often don't do proper long-term testing of the results of their modification to our food.
7. GM Foods Will Never Solve The Food Crisis. The food crisis can only be solved by farmers becoming independent of Monsanto's treadmill which virtually enslaves our farmers.
Farmer Blames GMO Feed For Pig Deformities And Deaths
Health, Wealth and Happiness Website, What Are GMO's?
GMO Dangers
Higher Levels of Herbicide Found in Drinking Water May Pose Health Risk
After reading the above articles, I am convinced of the dangers of the Monsanto frankenfoods. Furthermore, (besides going gluten-free in 2005) I have made the switch to eating organic food whenever possible, and especially avoiding food that is overly processed and known to be a GM food.
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