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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review of "I Wept by the Rivers of Babylon" by Terry Waldstrom

“I Wept by the Rivers of Babylon” is yet another story of a young man incrementally sliding into the mind control of a dangerous religion based on blind faith. The most unfortunate part of this tale is how the religion teaches no common sense and no survival skills to manoeuvre safely in the real world — only harsh, unyielding rules of total obedience by its out-of-touch taskmasters. How demoralizing does a situation have to become before the belief system’s failure culminates as the cruelty of this protagonist’s dilemma? A god without power, a god of false prophecy, a god of empty promises as the one depicted in these writings could not save his loyal follower from religious collapse.

At some point a man must admit failure of his god. As his world of delusion fell apart — and it was inevitable — the author could re-evaluate what was truly important. Finally, he followed his “real” conscience instead of the wearisome rhetoric of his belief system. At last, he followed his dream to fashion a life for himself — a good life, one that he deserved — in the real world. Many great pieces of art created by the author himself have been included in this memoir. Also, insightful metaphors to help a secular person understand the dangers of giving over free will in exchange for an ideal. Thanks for sharing your poignant story, Terry Waldstrom. I recommend this book to all secular people who wish to understand the harms of a religion which presents itself as moderate and loving, when the reality is: it is monstrous.

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