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Monday, September 15, 2014

My Art

Ever since I was a young girl living at home, I loved to draw and paint, thanks to a very supportive teacher that I had for three years in my early school years. I have written about how difficult it was to take time for such worthless pursuits, as my parents believed, and which I revealed in another blog post. Nevertheless, as I got some distance between me and my parents, I dared to pick up the artist tools again. Below are some of my art pieces that I have done over the years:
Here is my rendition of Monet's "Bridge at Giverney."
I was inspired to draw this picture from memory after discovering a stump on Burnaby Mountain, out of which emerges a new baby tree. It reminded me of myself, when I was cut out of my family after leaving their strict patriarchal religion. I call this art, "New Growth from Old."
Here is a water color of lilacs that grew in our yard while living in Lethbridge, Alberta. Thus the name: "Lovely Lilacs in Lethbridge."
I love the mountains. They have a majestic "feel" to them. Fittingly, I call this one, "Mountain of Majesty."
When I lived in Saskatoon, after my divorce, I joined an artists' group, where I learned to paint "wet on wet." I call this piece, "River of Peace."

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