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Friday, December 18, 2015

Liver-Gallbladder Flush

I released a hundred or more gallstones earlier this year. The best part is that I released them naturally and painlessly, without surgery. I also passed about that same amount of gallstones back in 1988 by using a recipe from a healer I knew back then. I learned that much of the gallstone and kidney stone problems that people encounter are because of toxins (from food and drugs) which the body can't use or keep up with. As a result, stones form and accumulate in the body's organs.

Interestingly, I found out that the calcium which doctors instruct women to take is over-rated, and actually enables formation of some kinds of gallstones. So, I reduced my calcium intake — and instead increased my magnesium and phosphorous intake — as doctors don't seem to know the correct ratio of calcium to other important minerals. Apparently, MDs are not taught about nutrition, so I located a Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine Doctor to support my health goals. Natural practitioners are better able to advise and recommend, and I was hesitant to just jump into a cleanse without support of some kind. These health professionals learn about the value of proper nutrition as medicine. Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" and these doctors take that saying seriously, if they have integrity. I can personally attest to the trueness of that statement.

"Let food be thy medicine
and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates

Some people are confused, not knowing kidney stones are different from gallstones. Kidney stones form in the kidneys and gallstones form in the gallbladder. If you have a cramping pain or ache-iness in the stomach area, the book called The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz suggests that your gallbladder may be calling for help. If you have pain or ache-iness in the waist level of your back (on one or each side of the spine), the book suggests it may be your kidney (or kidneys) calling for wellness. I haven't experienced kidney stones. According to friends who have experienced kidney stones, releasing them produces extremely sharp pain, without some herbal help. I understand from the book that kidney stones will dissolve over time by drinking an herbal tea mix. That is a painless way to get rid of kidney stones, and definitely the choice I would make, if that became necessary.

Variations of these tea mixes can be purchased on the internet, or maybe visit a drug store that sells real herbal health remedies in your area. For liver and gallbladder support, I bought an herbal tea mix (it is different from the kidney herbal tea mix). If I have a gallbladder problem, then I could take the liver/gallbladder tea mix every day — even after I have removed the gallstones — to increase my  bile production. Gallstones in the liver and gallbladder can inhibit the production of bile significantly. Once I release the gallstones, my gallbladder will have room to produce healthy amounts of bile again. 

The kidney tea mix is quite pleasant, and not nearly as bitter as the liver/gallbladder tea mix, but I drank either one without a sweetener. In fact, sweetener is not recommended, as it will change the pH value that the organs need in order to support the healing process. Yes, I could also drink both teas — just not together at the same time, according to the herbal pharmacist. It is wonderful and comforting to know that herbal remedies do indeed work together in the body, in that they don’t interact badly with each other. On the other hand, drugs do interact badly because they aren’t natural. I have learned that the body doesn’t know what to do with drugs because they aren’t real food. (Neither is much of our food real, but that’s another story entirely.)

Please bear in mind I am not a doctor. I learned about the castor oil/lemon juice cleanse from a healer in Saskatoon, SK back in the ‘80s — and I tried to remember what I did back then — to treat myself this year. I did correctly recall what I did and treated myself effectively. The one thing I did differently from the first cleanse is I used olive oil instead of castor oil this time. Also, now I would eat as much organic food as is possible. Unfortunately, I didn't know that in 1988.

I’ve been eating organically since 2013. It may be more difficult to obtain organic food in certain areas of the country than others. But, it is very important to clean up the dietary toxins before performing the gallbladder flush. Also, I increased my water consumption. I now drink up to two quarts (8 cups) of clean, purified water per day.

I bought a book called The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz. The author reveals many valuable resources including where to buy teas and herbs. I am confident about healing my body without drugs or surgeries by following the instructions in the book. The author goes to great lengths to explain how and why it works. That book answered most, if not all of my questions.

After at least two years of organic eating, this is what I did:
  • Buy six 1-quart (32 oz) containers of pure organic apple juice (or cider) without sweeteners or other additives (like citric acid). The only ingredient was "Organic Apples".
  • 4 tablespoons of Sea Salt dissolved in 24 ounces of purified drinking water. Divide that into four drinking glasses.
  • 1/2 cup (4 oz) of organic virgin olive oil
  • 2/3 glass of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice
  • 1 pint jar with a lid.
The book goes on to describe the process, which I have abbreviated here. For more detail, I still  consult the book.

Advance Preparation

I drank 32 oz. of apple juice daily for a period of six days. Any more than that would not be  comfortable to do. The malic acid in the apple juice softens the gallstones and makes their passage through the bile ducts smooth and easy. During the six days of drinking juice, I ate moderately, avoided processed foods, breads, and grains. I ate more salads and soups.

I cleansed my colon before and after doing a liver/gallbladder flush. I asked around to find a reputable colonics professional to aid in my cleanse. Admittedly, in 1988 I didn't use one. Not everyone books appointments with a colonics professional, but I believe my results were better by using one. About two or more weeks ahead, I booked two colonics appointments. I informed the colonics professional that I was planning to perform a liver/gallbladder flush and she helped me figure out when to book, according to my schedule. I planned this cleanse over a weekend, taking off a Friday holiday for my first colonics treatment during the day, which begins my cleanse process.

Colonics Treatment

Earlier in the day, I started the cleanse with a colonics treatment. Here is a video example of what happens during a colonics treatment. It's the one I watched before deciding to give it a try.
This is still my favorite kind of juicer

The Actual Cleanse Begins that Same Evening

Step 1 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Add 4 tablespoons of sea salt to a total of 24 ounces of filtered water in a jar. This makes four 6-oz. servings.
  • Drink the  first 6-oz. portion of sea salt dissolved in water now (an eight-ounce glass will be 3/4 full).
Step 2 at 8:00 p.m.
  • Drink the second serving of sea salt dissolved in water (3/4 glass).
9:00 p.m.
  • If I did not have a bowel movement until now and have not done a colon cleanse within the past 24 hours, I would take a water enema. This triggers a series of bowel movements. Because I had a colonics treatment earlier in the day, I skipped this step.
Step 3: Measure Oil and Lemon Juice
  • Thoroughly wash the lemons, squeeze them by hand, remove the pulp and measure 2/3 glass of juice (about four to six lemons, depending on size).
  • Pour the lemon juice and 1/2 glass of olive oil into the pint jar. Close the jar tightly and shake hard, until the solution is mixed. Ideally, I'd drink this mixture at 10:00 p.m., but the step can be delayed ten minutes or so to visit the bathroom a few more times, if needed.
Step 4 at 10:00 p.m.
  • Heat up a heating pad to set on liver/gallbladder area when lying down, after drinking the oil/lemon concoction.
  • Stand next to the bed (do not sit down) and drink the concoction, if possible, without interruption. I gulp it down in one go. If elderly or weak, the book recommends to take a few minutes for this step.
  • Lie down immediately, on the right side with my knees pulled toward my head and lie still for at least 20 minutes, with heated pad on liver/gallbladder area. Some people also place an olive oil pack directly on the liver/gallbladder area. If so, protect the heating pad from the oil by inserting the pad into a plastic bag before setting over the oil pack.
Tip: If thirsty, sip on warm or room-temperature purified water.

The rest of the steps are carried out the next morning.

The Next Morning

Step 5 at 6:00 a.m.
  • Upon awakening but not before 6:00 a.m., drink the third 3/4 glass of water and sea salt. If  thirsty, drink some warm water before the sea salt drink. Rest, read, or meditate — but stay upright.

Step 6 at 8:00 a.m.
  • Drink the fourth and final 3/4 glass of water and sea salt.

At some point in the morning I felt a strong urge to have a bowel movement. This is when the bulk of the  gallstones passed. I saw them floating in the toilet. They can be all sizes from pinhead to quarter size. They appeared in shades of green, brown, and black. I even passed some beige round ones that looked like chickpeas, which the Naturopathic Doctor suggested might be from being unable to digest starch. The stones passed painlessly because the apple juice and lemon juice/olive oil ingested over the past days softened them. I have now gone through a successful purge/cleanse on two separate occasions, without any pain.

  • Later this same day, I had an appointment to visit my colonics professional and have a second treatment. The second colonics treatment produced  a release of more gallstones. I watched them come out through the tube, because I was very curious about what was happening in my body. I wanted to be fully engaged and learn as much as I could from the process. At the very least, if I didn't have a colonics appointment, I would have taken another warm purified water enema, because I don't want loosened gallstones hanging out in my intestines. They are toxic.

Interestingly, I learned there are metaphysical reasons for the development of gallstones in the body. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay is a basic and simple resource if anyone is interested in understanding emotional reasons for illness. Unresolved bitterness and harsh thinking are a couple of possible reasons to which I can relate. I am aware now of the obvious causes and effects of the strict and unrelenting rules of the family religion, which I left in the year 2000. I am consciously working on resolving any issues, as they arise.

Performing a liver/gallbladder flush resulted in an amazing boost to my wellness. It is similar to getting an oil and filter change in my car. I know I’m not the only person who has gone through a liver/gallbladder flush. Feel free to keep in touch. I’d love to know your story.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Adrenal Fatigue

This past spring my Naturopathic Doctor, and subsequently my Functional Medicine Doctor  diagnosed me with Adrenal Fatigue. It didn't surprise me that much. I had been more than a little tired, after all I had not been sleeping very well for several years. By "sleeping poorly" I mean I was getting in the range of two to four hours of sleep each night, even though I thought  I had a favorable night-time wind-down routine. I always took a relaxing Lavender bath, and I didn't go to the computer afterward. I didn't watch TV news (which upsets me). I wore earplugs nightly.

Nevertheless, the insomnia did catch up with me one morning when my alarm rang to get me up for work — except I couldn't climb out of bed. I just simply couldn't — because I was utterly exhausted. I didn't even see the signs that it was coming. Like falling asleep on the bus after a day at work, or laying awake for hours throughout the night. I just figured the naps on the bus after work were interfering with my sleep at night. Except that I couldn't stop myself from closing my eyes. And I just figured my eyes were tired from working on the computer. I just didn't see how exhausted I was getting.


After a day at work, I would go to bed and fall asleep before too long, but then wake up at 3:00 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. It doesn't help that I have a partner who is a night owl. He is up long after I go to bed. Sometimes I would wake up when I heard the shower running, or I would hear him laughing at something on his computer, or I'd hear him bumping around the kitchen. Those sounds would interrupt my sleep, but I still didn't understand how  the overall effects of all the night activity in our household was affecting my health.

To complicate things further, last fall the neighbors to the east of us began constructing a new home, beginning with the demolition of their old house. Construction began at 7:00 a.m. most mornings, including most of my days off when I could actually sleep in — if I was lucky. But such was not the case because giant demolition, and then excavation equipment — were bumping and grinding along outside my bedroom window. Construction crews were yelling at one another over the roar of the machines, trucks were coming and going. And when summer came, the heat made it necessary to open the windows at night and then there was the traffic noise. Oh sure, traffic slowed somewhat at night, except for the motorcycles, the street racers, and the sirens, and the times when my neighbor in the back lane opened and closed   his garage door with a loud bump — but such is city life, right? Even with earplugs, activities from beyond the bedroom door were problematic.


When I visited my Naturopathic Doctor with my complaint of wakefulness, he referred me to this blog about getting a good night's sleep. Among others, his number one solution is develop a regular sleep-wake cycle, and sleep in complete and utter darkness. I didn't realize the scope of that statement, until my partner hung up some black curtains over our bedroom window, and we saw how much light still glared at me from other sources. Light flooded in under the door, for example. As I stated earlier, this is a problem, since my partner is a night owl. Additionally, not even the black curtains could keep out all the lights from the city. I didn't realize how much light there was "out there" until I tried unsuccessfully to block it out. The black curtains were only part of the solution. More was needed.

"The only time you allow light into your sleeping space is during the three nights of the full moon. This allows your body to tune in to the circadian rhythms of nature. It can be likened to an internal clock reset," the Naturopathic Doctor explained.

I resorted to drastic measures. I moved to the basement.

There were problems down there, too.
  • I asked my partner to cover all windows which affected my sleeping space.
  • I covered all the lights in the room with tape, that is, the pesky red lights on the smoke alarm and the security sensor. "Red is not a soothing color," a healer once told me.
  • I closed the two doors to my new sleeping space.

At last, utter darkness prevailed and I was ready for sleep.

Easier said than done, once a longstanding pattern of not sleeping was established.  Even in the blackness, I was waking up after two hours and couldn't get back to sleep.

After several months of persisting in my new pattern, I noticed my hours of solid sleep were incrementally increasing. It was "lights out" by 10:00 - 11:00 p.m. and I'd wake up after three, then four hours. By my follow-up appointment to the Functional Medicine Doctor, I was able to declare five hours of sleep.


My Functional Medicine Doctor has me on some natural medicines, which agree with my body --- non-drug medicines. I'm eating "paleo" food, that is I eat mostly fruit, vegetables, and meat --- but no grains. My Naturopathic Doctor provided a free pdf cookbook which he offers to all his clients with this condition. Generally speaking, grain flours have now been replaced with nut flours like coconut. I stick with organic foods. I gave my body a kidney, liver, and gallbladder cleanse, plus I went for several colonics hydrotherapy treatments. I also take some herbal pills and tinctures to normalize hormone levels.

Soothing My Self

I was on a roll and didn't want to stop at five hours. I found an awesome talk on the internet about the need to "love myself" by which I took that to mean "accept myself as I was, even if I was feeling dis-ease." I used the Matt Kahn's videos to personalize my own self-talk in a way that was soothing, reassuring, and loving. I put it on my voice recorder and played it before going to bed. Allowing my inner child to listen to my own voice in a soothing way is proving beneficial in "re-parenting" myself. In effect, the harsh critical parent voice with which I was raised is being "over-written" by the soothing in-my-own-voice meditation. As the weeks went by, I edited my self-talk even more by smoothing out the parts that didn't feel right when I heard them. I also increased the length of the meditation to a half-hour from fifteen minutes. Mostly now, I don't get to the end before falling asleep.

Gaining Ground

I went back to work this past Friday, after a four-month absence and felt that I coped well. Fortunately, my employer provides a graduated-return-to-work process to test my new wings. Happily, I didn't fall asleep on the bus, as I listened to soothing classical (adagios) music. I'm feeling a lot different than I did that morning four months ago, when I couldn't get myself out of bed. My health team originally indicated that a hypo-adrenal condition sometimes takes from six months to two years to heal all the things that health-wise had "gone off the rails."

Unfortunately, after that return to work, I got sick again. It turns out that my body didn't want to be at work yet. My Functional Medicine Doctor suggested I take more time off work.

Anybody else have sleep problems? Feel free to comment below because I'd love to hear about how others are coping. While I'm not 100 percent yet, I'm feeling some improvement.

The Promise of Sleep by William C. Dement, M.D., Ph.D., and Chrisitopher Vaughan is additional reading available at Amazon.

Matt Kahn's videos to personalize self-talk.

For more information and a Q&A, I found this talk about Adrenal Fatigue on YouTube to be very informative.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Summer Meteor Showers

During the meteor showers this past summer, my partner Stan* invited me join him in our backyard to watch the meteor showers. Stan likes to lay on the cool grass, but I like to wrap myself up in a quilt, which I keep specifically for outside uses, such as star-gazing.

It didn't take very long to glimpse what appeared like a spark almost directly above us. We simultaneously yelled and pointed, "There!"

Stan figured, "What we saw would be the result of a meteor falling directly toward earth. That's why we couldn't see a tail."

A few minutes later we saw another meteor streak with a short tail in the sky — just for a second — then it was gone.

We have a phone line coming into our house through the back yard. I watched three stars — which kind of lined up with the wire — twinkling almost directly overhead. Through the course of our viewing time, which might have been about a half hour, I observed the middle star move from it's original spot along the wire, in a gradual kind of way. The movement might have gone unnoticed, if it weren't for the wire as my marker. I concentrated on the lineup of stars and began to notice that the middle star in the group was moving ever so slightly away from the wire. By the end of our viewing time it had moved enough toward the east, resulting in the three stars creating the shape of a triangle.

Some might say we witnessed a spaceship. The moving light reminded me of a time in 2003. I witnessed what could have been spaceships when I temporarily lived with my friend Lillia, while in transition before moving to British Columbia. My friend woke me up one dark, wintry night to proclaim, "These bright lights outside in the sky woke me up. Come quick and look outside my window. I hope they're still there!"

Groggy, I wiped the sleep from my eyes, grabbed my bathrobe, and followed her into the next bedroom to see what I was supposed to see.

She led me to the window and pointed, "There! To the east! "See those two bright lights in the sky, above the neighboring apartments!"

Indeed, two bright stationary lights appeared in the eastern sky. They were way too big and bright for stars. In fact, they were so bright, they looked like floodlights in the night sky. Suddenly, we observed some movement between the two lights. We witnessed what could only be explained as "people-like" walk across the space between the two bright lights, as if being transported from one ship to the second one.

"Do you think they're spaceships?" she queried.

"I didn't know spaceships existed — that is, until now," I responded, now wide-eyed. We stared transfixed at the unusual sight for about ten minutes, amazed at what we were observing.

Now, star-watching on our back lawn, my partner began to feel damp. I offered to share my quilt. But then we noticed the sky was gradually becoming overcast, so we decided to call it an evening and go inside.

Stan and I are convinced that star-gazing is way better than TV or internet!

Please feel free to comment below because I'd love to hear about your starry adventures under the night sky.

* Not his real name. He is privacy-conscious.

Photo is courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Is Abortion Right or Wrong?

If you want to know what changed my mind about the rightful place of abortion clinics, it is the touching story of a woman who found herself in a position of having to choose whether or not to keep her baby.

While still in University, the young woman found herself pregnant and feeling completely unprepared for motherhood. She struggled within herself, but finally decided she would have an abortion.

Several years went by and her circumstances changed. She found herself in a loving situation and chose to become pregnant again. Once the baby arrived, she realized it was the very same soul that was aborted earlier. The baby had simply delayed her arrival and was perfectly at ease with the mom’s decision to abort, seeming to understand at a “soul” level the reasons her mom made the difficult choice she did.

The story emphasized to me the “healing” nature of the second pregnancy. The lesson in this for me was the inappropriateness of judging someone’s motives for choosing to terminate a pregnancy.

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Fear-Based Belief of Armageddon is a Lie

Is Armageddon "real"?

Fear is not a motivator. Rather, fear is paralyzing. The religious teaching of wicked people being destroyed at Armageddon (god's war) is a serious lie that flies in the face of love.
In the summer, we traveled fifty miles to Winnipeg for religious conventions with the "paradise people." Ever since I was old enough to remember, my mom and dad, brothers, and I climbed into the front seat of our 1951 Chevrolet pickup truck and off we went to the big city of Winnipeg. At first, I liked going because we saw people we knew. But, by the time I began to understand what was going on, it became less and less entertaining, as we heard talks about the impending Armageddon. The world was going to end. God was going to destroy all the wicked people on earth. Now, because we went to meetings and conventions, we would know what to do to survive this terrible tribulation because we weren't wicked. After all, we went to meetings and conventions. And, after we cleaned up the dead bodies and destruction, we would live happily ever after, in Paradise.
While we traveled to Winnipeg, Dad reminded us about the message we could anticipate hearing, "You know, we will be learning more about the paradise and how we could get to live there. But first, we will have to survive Armageddon. Everyone wicked is going to be destroyed. There will be dead bodies spread from one end of the earth to another. We will have to clean it up. Then we would live in paradise."
I became frightened. I didn't know how to clean up dead bodies and I didn't want to do that kind of work.
Daddy continued, "That's why if we are good workers now, before Armageddon, God can use us afterwards, to help make the paradise. So, when I ask you to do something, remember that God is watching to see how obedient you are. If you are obedient, you will get to live in paradise."
~ Excerpt from "Phoenix of Faith"
Death at Armageddon at the hands of god is a real teaching of the Jehovah's Witnesses religion. As a child, it terrorized me.
Now, as an adult, I realize that if god really loved humanity, he wouldn't threaten them with death for disobedience, in the same fashion as our fleshly fathers, as this example testifies. Parents would do well to appreciate that terrifying your children into submission are not healthy teaching moments. In fact, the above example was frightening and abusive.
It wasn't just my father that taught this. It is in the Jehovah's Witnesses publications and this teaching is also spoken verbally from their Kingdom Hall platforms.

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Did Jesus Really Die for Me?

The Orthodox Christian God Jehovah (YHWH) is a father who is actually proud that he contracted his son’s death for 30 pieces of silver; then, for the rest of our human lives we are beholden via guilt to worship this vile god. Humans are threatened by fear and death to obey a god who made abusive demands on his son and continues to make similar disrespectful demands on any followers. This god then compels by threat of death, insisting that we owe our life, our gratitude to him for offering this blood sacrifice.
A blood sacrifice, in my estimation is “of the dark” rather than the light. Does not the Bible itself say, “Do not be owing any one a single thing; except to love one another”? So, why do we "owe" obedience? Why accept the guilt and fear of displeasing a god who insists on a blood sacrifice to be his follower? Maybe such a god is really a devil wearing the mask of love.
The Bible also warns its readers, “By their fruits you will recognize these men” — or gods.
An ancient group known as the Gnostic Christians, on the other hand, believe that Jesus survived the crucifixion and went on to raise a family with his beloved wife, Mary Magdalene. The Gnostic gospels say that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were healers who shared their gifts with the people of their day. The Gnostic Jesus sounds like an “empowered” Jesus, rather than a “victim” Jesus. People need to feel empowered rather than victimized. IF a leader is self-empowered and self-directed, then his followers also can likewise feel self-empowered and self-directed. Sadly, self-empowerment rarely happens because egos will get in the way. Better still, we can follow our own internal guidance, rather than some self-described leader.
Jehovah of the Bible sounds eerily similar to the blood sacrifices demanded by Mohammed or Allah or any other gods who teach the hell-fire or Armageddon doctrines. Each of these religions are "punishing" belief systems.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dichotomy of Religion

Oh *sigh* I suppose this is what can happen when Mercury is in retrograde:

When I left religion
I sacrificed my beloved children
On the altar
Of religion.

I left and they stayed.
Now I’m shunned.
Abandoned by their love.
Yet, I am free
From religion.

But religion turned our hearts to stone.

I am free — but for religion.
I miss my kids.
While happy memories of my children
In my albums
Remain close to my heart.
I live a new life
Free of religion

But for religion
Who turns hearts to stone.

Religion teaches that its okay
To shred family bonds
In the name of god.
But our hearts have turned to stone.

Yet stones are living beings
With beating hearts.
What does it take for a heart
To beat?

Pick up a stone
And feel its heartbeat.
It has one.
I know.
A stone is filled with love
And a lesson.
On how to have a living heart
Of love.

Stones warm themselves
In the sun.
Their hearts beat strong.
They are sure of their place
In the world
Oh to be a stone
In the heart of my children.

If my children have hearts of stone.
There is hope.
The stones I know
Have beating hearts
Filled with love.

And the stones I know speak volumes.

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