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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dichotomy of Religion

Oh *sigh* I suppose this is what can happen when Mercury is in retrograde:

When I left religion
I sacrificed my beloved children
On the altar
Of religion.

I left and they stayed.
Now I’m shunned.
Abandoned by their love.
Yet, I am free
From religion.

But religion turned our hearts to stone.

I am free — but for religion.
I miss my kids.
While happy memories of my children
In my albums
Remain close to my heart.
I live a new life
Free of religion

But for religion
Who turns hearts to stone.

Religion teaches that its okay
To shred family bonds
In the name of god.
But our hearts have turned to stone.

Yet stones are living beings
With beating hearts.
What does it take for a heart
To beat?

Pick up a stone
And feel its heartbeat.
It has one.
I know.
A stone is filled with love
And a lesson.
On how to have a living heart
Of love.

Stones warm themselves
In the sun.
Their hearts beat strong.
They are sure of their place
In the world
Oh to be a stone
In the heart of my children.

If my children have hearts of stone.
There is hope.
The stones I know
Have beating hearts
Filled with love.

And the stones I know speak volumes.

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  1. Yes, you are living life true to your authentic self. No religion can drive authentic self out of us, and no true religion will try. Hearts may have been turned to stone, but indeed stone has life, so hope is sustained.