Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spirituality Blogs


Here is an ever-growing list of stories of getting in touch with spirituality, without being religious. "How is it even possible to be a spiritual person, without religion?" one may ask. In my experience, it is because spirituality is our natural state of being. Religion is a theology or a belief system consisting of rules and dogma. It's as simple as that. See for yourself:

Summer Meteor Showers
During the meteor showers this past summer, my partner Stan* invited me join him in our backyard to watch the meteor showers. Stan likes to lay on the cool grass, but I like to wrap myself up in a quilt, which I keep specifically for outside uses, such as star-gazing. Read more...

Is Abortion Right or Wrong?

If you want to know what changed my mind about the rightful place of abortion clinics, it is the touching story of a woman who found herself in a position of having to choose whether or not to keep her baby. Read more…

My Art

Ever since I was a young girl living at home, I loved to draw and paint, thanks to a very supportive teacher that I had for three years in my early school days. I have written about how difficult it was to take time for such "worthless" pursuits, as my parents believed, and which I revealed in another blog post. Nevertheless, as I got some distance between me and my parents, I dared to pick up the artist tools again. Read more…

Birds in My Yard

My yard is a very restful place where it is easy to relax, and where I am surrounded by my favorite feathered friends. Sometimes I even have a Woodpecker visit me. At times it feels like these critters are aware of my presence — and they are watchful — yet they still linger. Chickadees, Robins, and Hummingbirds are frequent visitors. For the second year, Chickadees are building a nest in our cherry tree. Maybe the birds just inherently know that I am a friend and our yard is a safe place — and I am very grateful for their company! Read more…

Full Moon

I had a dream a few weeks ago in which I was leaving a job accompanied by several massive pieces of baggage precariously piled up to the ceiling. It was difficult to maneuver with the sheer height of it all, as it wobbled to and fro. Read more…

Rest in Peace Andy

I'm playing this one for you, Andy! "Don't You Wish it Was True" by John Fogerty. I am Andy’s sister. He took great pride in saying I was his favorite sister, of course I’m his only sister, but that didn’t stop him from saying that each time we saw one another. Read more…

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