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Thursday, September 1, 2016

What Does Excellent Physical Health Look Like?

Asking such a question doesn't imply that I'm "there" yet. I realize everyone walks away from their old life with some baggage. In my case, I most certainly carried my share of physical wounds. While I always had a strong belief about the ability of the body to heal itself, I learned quickly that healing old physical wounds was possible without having to wait for some distant future promise of paradise, a belief handed down by our harsh family religion. I was extremely tired of waiting for that day, which was expected to arrive "any day now" since the 1800s. Consequently, I set out to prove the validity of my new belief about living in the "now."

I undertook various modalities of treatments to soothe and heal the physical self, such as massage, reiki, reflexology, and chiropractic. In my new "now" life, I desired to aid my body to match my new thinking and being. I had endured chronic back pain since childhood, as well as migraine headaches which required my attention. Those health issues seemed like the logical place to start my healing process. That was 2005. I have come a long way since then, as the blogs below can attest.

I had a more recent wake-up call around the subject of food. Healing chronic back pain and migraines were all well and good, but it seems my soul had a bigger plan for this body suit. Next, it was a call for healthy and balanced eating. I located a Naturopathic doctor for this part of my physical wellness project. Like the spiritual and financial health dimensions, I believe that physical health is a "practice" requiring conscious ongoing attention.

And I'm still working on it!

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More organic restaurants are coming all the time and I'll keep you posted as I discover them.

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