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Friday, March 10, 2017

Crocuses Peek Out of the Snow

Strange sights in our yard these days. But then — weatherwise — its been a very strange winter. With the arrival of spring and the snow drops, came still more snow. As February and March rolled around multiple spring flowers made their appearance. Today, we have crocuses peeking through the snow. I doubt that the snow will last long. However, there is no assurance that more snow couldn't be on the way. Like I say, it's been a very strange winter. I have never seen crocuses in the snow before now. Nor have I seen quite so much snow in British Columbia before and I've been here since 2003.

About four years ago I planted bulbs in the lawn and they have been multiplying at a rapid rate of growth. Crocuses are such a welcome sight in the springtime. Along with their most welcome blooms comes the assurance that spring is on its way. Once the crocuses finish blooming, they go into remission until the next spring. We mow right over the location, without the plants being affected. How magically wonderful is that!

I also see daffodil plants are coming up everywhere but they aren't blooming yet. They usually bloom around Easter time. It's an exciting time of year. I am still hopeful that the snow will finally melt and we will eventually have summer.

Added March 15, 2017: Crocuses in the lawn. Such welcome happy faces!

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