Friday, October 13, 2017

Las Vegas Kind of a Bad Trip

"Yes, unfortunately it's kind of a bad trip....

Understanding and identifying the truth is, in many ways, akin to a psychedelic experience.

You are technically living in the same body, looking at the same four walls around you, but everything you thought you knew has radically changed.

Some of this awakening comes in the form of a "bad trip," complete with the anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, sweats, anger, sadness and depression.

Your basic sense of everyday reality is betrayed so badly that you will fight these new ideas with everything you have in you.

Eventually, you realize you have been "living on the back of the dragon" your entire life, as the Asians say, and you simply never saw its true form before.

Everyone has to go through this phase as they learn the truth. It is a necessary "rite of passage" as you heal from an entire lifetime of being lied to.

Playing "attack the messenger" is a much, much easier and more psychologically comfortable option than accepting the vomitous truth you are being shown.

For that same reason I try not to be upset by the awesome hatred that about two to five percent of the audience flings at me whenever I write about this stuff.

As I have said for many years now, "if you throw up, you'll feel better." The longer we go without doing this, the worse the violence will become."
~ Quoted from David's Blog

Personally, much of my prior writings are about the evils of being born and raised into the Jehovah's Witnesses' religion. I have also stated that religion is only one  of the evils on this planet at this time. But it is a pervasive evil, which extends over the entire planet and across all religions. What you are about to learn is that the evil is imbedded in all religions, not just the Jehovah's Witnesses. True, each religion teaches "theirs" has the exclusive truth. If you want to get knocked out of your "comfortably numb" condition as my friends Kim and Mikey say, try this on for size. It's about the recent vile Las Vegas shooting "event" — for lack of a better word.

Vegas Terror and Disclosure: Is Something Very Big About to Happen?

by David Wilcock Originally Published October 10, 2017, 11:11 pm

Part One: Vegas Terror and Disclosure: Is Something Very Big About to Happen?

Part Two: The Secret Space Program and the Cabal

Personally, I don't believe extra-terrestrials (et's) are coming to hurt us. Rather, that would be another false flag attempt to terrorize humanity into calling on the demonic shadow government to rescue us. A rescue from those folks would be humanity's final downfall. I recently watched a short but informative video called, "Dr. Steven Greer: Man-Made UFOs". It seems the government selected — or perhaps even created using make-up — some "freak" humans from Hollywood to make us believe there are aliens who are coming to harm the planet. The globalists' method of operation seems to be
"Problem —> Reaction —> Solution". To spell it out, Globalists create a problem, they get a frightened reaction from we-the-people, Globalists offer their convoluted solution. We'd be inadvertently calling on the perpetrators of the crime if we were foolish enough to call on the New World Order (NWO) globalists to rescue humanity from the very danger into which they put us. I trust no one gets deceived. The globalists are not our saviors!

This is the key: The elite globalist government is not our savior!

Part Three: Signs of a Cover-Up

Part Four: Insiders Suggest Imminent Exposure of Cabal

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Was this some sort of demonic sacrifice
offered in front of three religious icons?
With permission: David's Blog

My dear friends, please be patient with yourselves. It may take awhile for the magnitude — the sheer volume — of this information to sink in. However, if what you discover shakes you to your foundations, perhaps that is a valuable thing. It may very well be a gift for your soul, if it shakes you out of your slumber — your comfortably numb — condition.

Your comments are welcome, as always.

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  1. Ok. We live in wild times. What to do?
    The foremost thing is: we must not succumb to fear (exactly as stated above). Second thing: avoid brainwashing and the brainwashed. Third thing: have some fun and exercise each day. Finally always maintain awareness and build knowledge. Those are my conclusions.