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Monday, January 15, 2018

Love, Light, and Song

When I go for walks, I regularly see criss-crosses in the sky and I wonder, "What can little me do about this crime against humanity?"

While walking and pondering, I made up a little saying that soothed me. I wake up with songs in my head some mornings, so I set the words to my new music.

May there be love and light,
For the planet — and it's aura,
For all beings — and their auras,
May there be love and light.

Isn't the planetary atmosphere actually Earth's aura?

Geo-engineering the skies. Photo from website

I decided that the worst thing with which to present the evil on the planet is love and light. Isn't that why these beings are trying to block the sun in the first place? Yes, on the pretext of global warming — a ruse. No one has the right to interfere with nature. Humans don't understand everything about the balancing act in nature and it would be most beneficial if they would lay off the geo-engineering of our beautiful skies. I decided that I (and others) could fill the planet — and its atmosphere — with so much love that no evil could exist within that high a frequency!

Now, every day when I go for my walk, I see the criss-crosses in the sky and I am reminded of the little plan I have to contribute to the vital well-being of the planet.

I sing my little song.

Unbelievers can mock, but I find it soothing.

So love, light, and songs to all!

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  1. Geoengineering and weather control programs have been underway since the 1960s. Sceptics can watch Rosalind Peterson / California Skywatch on YouTube or check out TED Talks or